Competitive Exams: Current Affairs 2012: Kakodkar Committee

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Railway Safety

  • Kakodkar Committee on railway safety has just published its report, with plans that require an outlay of ₹ 1 lakh crore.
  • Sam Pitroda Committee has submitted its plans for the modernisation of IR at a cost of ₹ 5.6 lakh crore.
  • These plans need huge sums which is almost impossible.
  • the Special Railway Safety Fund (SRSF) of ₹ 17,000 crore set up in 2001 and the Corporate Safety Plan 2003 − 2013 (CSP) unveiled in August 2003 arose out of the recommendations of the Khanna Committee (setup in 1997) .
  • The Kakodkar Committee has made a number of references to ‘zero tolerance’ to accidents. While this is a commendable ideal to strive for, achieving it is almost impossible unless there is access to unlimited resources. In contrast, CSP 2003 had, for the first time, prescribed target rate of accidents overall (the number of accidents per million train kilometres) and target reductions in numbers in different types of accidents, sought to be achieved by the end of the CSP period (2012 − 13) .

New Options

  • Have National Railway policy.
  • Alternate plan B which costs less and is more realistic.

Courtesy: The Hindu