Competitive Exams: Current Affairs 2012: Steps Taken to Combat Misuse of Tatkal Tickets

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  • To prevent misuse of the facility, Railways have taken steps like debarring the agents to book tickets during the first two hours, installation of CCTVs in all major booking centres to monitor the movement of touts, non issuance of duplicate in lieu of the lost Tatkal tickets and non-refund on cancellation of unused Tatkal tickets.
  • The requirement of indicating Mobile number of the passenger in the application form is also being insisted to cross verify the genuineness of the passenger.
  • Single user registration on one e-mail ID with email verification has been implemented.
  • Only two tickets can be booked per IP address between 10 − 12 AM. IP address check has helped in preventing multiple bookings from same office complex/internet café etc. This also helps in facilitating bookings by genuine users and prevents bookings for commercial gains.
  • Besides these measures, attaching the photo copy of identity proof of passenger has been made mandatory for booking of Tatkal tickets and carrying of ID card have also been made compulsory for all passengers of AC classes.
  • In addition, it has further been decided to change the time of booking of Tatkal tickets at the counters from existing 8.00 A. M. To 10.00 A. M. With effect from 10th July, 2012 to avoid congestion in the morning hours at counters for the normal advance booking passengers. The restriction on the agents for Tatkal tickets booking during the first two hours shall also continue.
  • The surprise inspections and preventive checks are being conducted regularly at reservation centres to contain the activities of the unauthorized agents and touts. These checks are intensified during peak/rush period and festival seasons
  • IRCTC, has also taken several steps to prevent touts and unauthorized agents from their illegal activities. Several technological innovations like increase in the bandwidth of internet, augmenting ETicketing software licences, technical evaluation of mobile based technology etc. Are regularly being undertaken to cope up the demand and minimize the misuse of the system by unscrupulous people.

Courtesy: The Hindu