2013 Indian Helicopter Bribery Scandal

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Illustration 1 for 2013 Indian Helicopter Bribery Scandal

The investigation of Chopper scam or also named as Chopper gate as stated and was conducted in 2013, the helicopter manufacture company in the helicopter purchase.

Some Military and politicians personals of country were charged of talking bribe from helicopter. On 25th March 2013 A. K. Antony, Minister of India confirmed about the corruption in the helicopter.

The investigation of the case is being done by CBI. There was contract signed with AgustaWestland for delivering in February 2010 for delivering 12 number of AW101 helicopters.

This company was parent company of AgustaWestland and arrest was done after A. K. Antony. On 25th February 2013, CBI registered PE against 11 persons

and including former Indian Air Force Chief and who were the suspects involved in the bribe deal of helicopter and also involved name of S. P Tyagi. 13th March that CBI after gathering

the required evidences registered FIR against the named people and this type of against launched by FIR and included S. P Tyagi.

UPA-ll Government introduced a motion in Rajya Sabha in 27 February 2013 for investigation led by 30-member JPC and this was passed after a walkout by opposition parties like BJP, TDP and AGP. UPA government

denied all charges and claimed it has nothing to hide and our track record is not cover up: