2013 Uttar Pradesh NRHM Scam

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Uttar Pradesh NRHM Scam is reputed corruption scandal in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and politicians are reputed to have transformed a massive sum estimated at 100 billion from the National Rural Health Mission. Government program to improve health care delivery in rural areas.

investigated of the central Bureau of investigation have been by Bahujan Samaj party. NRHM fraud to light after two chief Medical Officer were murdered in wealthier localities of state capital Lucknow. In the Murders he was arrested but died mysteriously while in custody.

CBI filed 1st chargesheet against PK jain in 3 April 2012. Mr. P. K. Jain, Mr. Kattar singh, Mr. B. N. Ram, Mr Kattar singh all are CBI presented a charge sheet against. These person were indicated of misusing the public money more than 5.46 crore as projects to upgrade 134 district hospitals. Total cost of projects was estimated as 13.4 crore.

The Ministry has refused to release 2763.43 crore allocated to UP under the scheme and it was written to the chief Secretary-Getting his intervention so that the first of funds could be released at the earliest for the programme.

Ministry state has been struggling to bring its financial discipline back to track since 2010 when various came to light.