India՚s DRDO Launches Explosive Detection Kit in US

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On 2 August 2013 India՚s DRDO launches explosive detection Kit in US and this kit developed by High Energy Material research Laboratory.

Explosive detection Kit՚s transfer of technology is joint effort of DRDO and federation of Indian chambers of commerce and industry. There are several technologies which have been transferred to Indian companies under this programme.

The launch of EDK was event since this is the first technology that has been transferred to US company for manufacturing. DRDO has entered into licensing agreement with company.

explosive detection Kit is one type of unique and innovative product which detects all kind of ammunition very accurate in the field.

Its principle is “colour Chemistry” and the kit use chemical reaction to detect type of ammunition by the resulting color. A few drops and blast of zapped reagents on suspected explosive material can confirm or deny the presence.

DRDO is talking to federation of Indian chambers of commerce which was instrumental in the launch of EDK in US. DRDO developed technologies for International market under DRDO.