Diaoyu Islands-China Urges Japan to Foster Normal Ties

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On 30 January 2013 Wednesday China urged Japan to create some terms for development of bilateral relations mutual relation and saying both sides should “properly handle tensions” over the Diaoyu islands.

Hong Lei is foreign Ministry spokesman said to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japanese had Tuesday suggested that summit between China and Japan was refitment mutual relations blocked by recent territorial.

Hong Lei is said China connect importance to developing relations with Japan and Beijing hopes that Tokyo will make joint efforts difficulties.

He said that Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi Tuesday met Tomiichi Murayama, Japanese prime minister and advisor to Japan-China friendship Association.

Yang said peace, friendship and cooperation between china and japan were in fundamental interest of two countries.

Two sides china and japan should tensions of the Diaoyu island on the basis of peaceful development after Tokyo announced and increase the country՚s budget.

Itsunori Onodera prime minister of Japanese said the defence budget will be expanded by 40 billion yen and it start from April.

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