Employment Provident Fund Scam-Facts & Figures

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EPF is one type of Employment Provident Fund. Some year then 1,00, 000 companies across the country have connived with hundreds of Employment Provident Fund officials to 3450crore money that belongs to 10000 of peoples are working in different-different organizations.

Related to right information DNA found 2700 well known companies have deceive a major chunk of this money. Six hundred companies remain the EPFO more than 1 crore and It reports say this going on past 10 years.

1350 EPFO employees have had corruption charges against them in the past five years. 450 are from the officer grade. Most of officers grade. DL Sachdeva a member of the EPFO board said it would be next to impossible for any company.

In past five years 1350 EPFO employees have corruption charges against them and 450 are form officer grade.

Member of the EPFO board Sachdeva said matter has been discussed in board meetings sometimes but number of companies keep growing. DNA found from the various documents and information gathered RTI over the past two months.

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