Ghouta Chemical Attack-Crisis in Human Rights

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On 21 August 2013 Ghouta Chemical attack occurred during Syrian Civil War. Death toll range estimation is 281 people to 1729. United Nations Mission՚s Inspectors arrived in Syria on 18 August. On 22 and 23 August Sayrian government and rebel forces continued to clash in area.

The Syrian government granted the UN՚s request on 25 August and Inspectors visited and investigated at Moadamiyah in western Ghouta on 26 August.

In September 2013 UN investigation team reported it had confirmed use of Sarin in the Ghouta attack. The Syrian government and opposition blamed each other for the attack.

Weapons used several surface to surface rockets capable of delivering chemical payloads were identified and recorded at investigated sites.

In Muadhamiya UN team were filmed inspecting an expended rocket motor found the Rawda Mosque.

The Syrian government has denied its responsible for attack and has blamed opposition groups but has not evidence that presented its claim. Present evidence human rights watch finds that Syrian government forces certainly responsible for 21 August attacks.

The negation the use of chemical weapons applies to all armed conflicts including non-international armed conflicts as fighting in Syria.