India and USA Inaugurated the First Triangular India-US-Africa Partnership at Hyderabad

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India and USA inaugurated the First Triangular India-US-Africa Partnership at Hyderabad on 6 January 2013 for 30 trainee from three African countries.

Prime minister Manmohan Singh and U. S. President Barack Obama agreed during president Obama՚s visit to India in November 2010.

Its triangular partnership goal is to improve productivity of agriculture and strengthen agriculture value and its support in market. Ministry of Agriculture of India and implemented by two of India՚s leading agriculture training institues.

In this training classroom session will included and also included group work and field trips and interaction with industry expert. After the training session professionals will go home with new knowledge, skills and nutrition security.

16 January 2013 Mr. Sanjeev Gupta Indian ministry of Agriculture joint secretary and head of Ministry of External Affairs Branch in Hyderabad Mer. Srikar Reddy and U. S department representative for Food security.

This training program is continually two months training program cover 15 theme of agriculture and also include different type of country.

it՚s study materials developed by the faculty in Manage and also cover the basic skill in computer Internet and technology tools.

This programme is implemented by India՚s National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management, Hyderabad and Chaudhary Charan Singh National Institute of Agriculture Marketing Jaipur.

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