Iran and P5 + 1 Reached Agreement on Geneva Plan on Iran՚s Nuclear Program

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Geneva agreement titled the joint plan of Action in 24 November 2013 and it is signed between Iran and p5 + 1 countries in Geneva. It is short term portion of Iran՚s nuclear program in exchange for economic sanctions decrease on Iran.

It represent the first agreement between United State and Iran in 34 years and implement in 20 January 2014. P5 + 1 and Iran met 18th and 20th February in Vienna and agreed on framework for future.

The international Atomic Energy Agency charged with monitoring and ensuring peaceful nuclear activities referred matter of Iran՚s nuclear program to UN Security Council in February 2006.

Iran held presidential election in June 2013 that was won Hassan Rouhani and his campaign promised moderation.

P5 + 1 is chaired by European Union High Representative Catherine Ashton It was held in Kazakh city of Almaty on 26 − 27 February and 5 − 6 April 2013.

On 20 November negotiations were attended at the foreign minister level by the participant countries.

On 24 November 2013 Geneva agreement achieved and titled Joint Plan of Action.