Kerala Solar Panel Scam

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In Kerala 2013, Solar energy company and team of solar used two women to create contact with each other even to the chief Minister՚s office

Circumstance of Kerala Solar Panel Scam

Team of Solar was launched by the main implicated Biju Radhakrishnan and Saritha. S. Nair. Director of that company collected amount from large number of people in advance and offer that for making as a business partner.

“Virgin Earth Golden Feather Environment Award” was awarded the company. The scam came when customers had paid for the installation filled a case against the company. The incident gathered much attention because most of who lost big money were all dominant people.

The total amount involved in the scam and calculated on the basis of complaints is less than 100 million.

Solar scam is 10000 Crore scam that happened in Kerala during the time limit of OommenChnady chief minister of government.

In Kerala Solar Panel Scam Five Persons Arrested

  • The chief implicated Saritha Nair and one of the Chief Minister՚s Personal assistant Tenny Joppan has been arrested. The director of the public relations department received 5,00, 000 from Solar team Member.
  • Biju Radhakrishnan was claimed in case the murder of his wife Rashmi. Disgust having evidence of his involvement in the murder and he was not arrested.
  • Solar team director Saritha S Nair and Biju Radhakrishnan in solar scam. She was arrested because comlaint of one of the persons who she had deceived in Ambalapuzha.
  • Shalu Menon actress of Television and film, He is associated of Biju Radhakrishna but he denied relationship with Biju Radhakrishna.
  • Tenny Joppan Staff member of Kerala chief Minister Oommen Chandy was arrested on charges of cheating and Biju RadhaKrishana and Saritha for deceiving businessman.
  • On 18 July Firoze is government servant submission himself, then the court is rejected his statement for anticipatory bail. All are arrested in 3 June.