Land Acquisition Bill-The Debate

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On 30 August 2013, Friday Indiaีšs land acquisition Bill In some quarters and criticize in others and it is a complex piece of bill and it was passed by Lok Sabha on Thursday and it will be passed by Rajya Sabha.

The government has issued a document explaining the assumption of the Bill that offers explanation of a law that will change.

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  • Payment of benefit that is four times the market value in rural area and two times the market value in urban areas.
  • Historical crime the Bill applies to cases where no land acquisition award has been made.
  • No one law can be captured in scheduled areas without the approval of Gram Sabhas.
  • All payments are made and alternative sites for crossing have been prepared.
  • Bill requires the consent of no less than 70 % and 80 % of those whose land is desire to be acquired.
  • To safeguard food security and remove Capricious acquisition and the Bill directs states to inflict, limits on the area.
  • Where acquired land is sold to third party for higher price than 40 % of profit it will be shared with owners.


  • Some acts are used for Land Acquisition for central government projects. These acts are capable for national highways, Metro rail electricity related projects etc.
  • Land Acquisition Act would allow fast track process and production for protection. Infrastructure projects including projects taken up under private partnership.


  • Social assessment which was compulsory before acquitting land has been free in the Bill tabled in the Lok Sabha.
  • As per law, land will be given back to the farmer if it is not used for five years. The proposed reform says the land will be returned only if specified project on the land fails to complete deadline.

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