Mars Mission-History and India՚s Role

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History About Mars Mission

Mars has historically been aggressively to Earth՚s efforts to visit it. More missions have been gone to Mars than some other place in the Solar System except the Moon and some of gone have not success and some of not success its reason is Mars was the first planet Earth attempted to explore.

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The early exploration attempts taught us many lessons that have made subsequent mission more successful. But some not success have become relatively recently, proving again and again that space exploration is very difficult. But since 1996, Mars exploration has undergone a Renaissance, with data from four orbiters and four landed missions developing a revolutionary new view of mars as an Earth-like world with a complex geologic history.

India՚s Mars Mission

India՚s first mission to Mars launched is ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) . India՚s first inter-planetary expedition which aims to prove India՚s capability to reach the RED PLANET. It is as well as an effort to discover the presence of methane an indicator of life in that planet.

This challenging Mission focuses on the Mars Orbiter՚s capacity to survive and execute Earth bound operations, to carry out navigation functions and space communication as well as to study the Martian atmosphere and its surface features.

The Mars Orbiter Mission goal is comprehensive study of the physical features like internal structure, surface geology, climate and atmosphere of the Red Planet and the main focus of the study will be finding the presence of methane in the red planet.

The satellite is scheduled to reach the Mars orbit in September 2014 and is designed to circle the Red Planet in an elliptical orbit of 366 km X 80000 km.

It has always been a matter of great speculation whether Mars has the capability to sustain life.

it՚s aims is expand human understanding of Mars.

The Mars Orbiter Mission marks out a developing country՚s and determined endeavor to build its dimension in aeronautics and space technology on the global arena.

If ‘Mangalyan’ successfully completes the job entrusted to it, ISRO will become the fourth space research organization after those of the US, Russia and Europe to undertake a successful Mars mission. 21 of the 51 Mars missions as of yet.

History of Mangalyaan Entered Mars Orbit Successfully

India՚s Mars Orbiter Mission, Manglayaan on 24 September 2014 successfully entered the Martian orbit and operation started at scheduled time 07: 17: 32 am.

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This success of ISRO was witnessed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was present at the ISRO to see the crucial Mars Orbiter Insertion. After success of the mission, the Prime Minister congratulated the team of ISRO as well as the people of India for the great success.