Nuclear-Capable Agni-II Missile: Indegeneously Developed

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Agni missile is one type of ballistic missile and it is medium range missile. Agni-II range is 2000 − 2500 km is 20 Meter long and it has diameter of one meter and its weight is 18 tonnes. Against China and Pakistan They are claimed to be part of credible deterrence.

India declared its nuclear and missile development programmes are not Pakistan centric and it՚s threat is one of the factor in New Delhi՚s security and that Agni՚s heart is determent in context of Indian equation.

Range of nuclear weapon capable missile is 2000km. On 9 August 2012 lunched as training exercise by the forces drafted into country.

On 7 April 2013 India conducted test of its nuclear capable Agni-II ballistic missile from range in Odisha and this test was arranged from Island in Bhadrak district.

Agni-II missile was tested first time on 11 April 1999 at 9: 47 am as a Indian time. Agni-II՚s first stage uses solid missile and it՚s second stage is weights around 4200 Kg and it uses solid fuel bomb.


  • Indian land based nuclear deterrent of backbone and Agni-II is the fact that both road and rail mobile is real significant.
  • Indication of India՚s desire not put its missiles into vulnerable soils.
  • Agni-II ability is combined with the physical size of India and it is very secure and delivery system.
  • Its range of strategic weapons payload and good accuracy make important weapon and it is useful to counter and strike role

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