Ordinance on Convicted Lawmakers Withdrawn

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The Supreme Court of India, and its judgement of the Lily Thomas V. Union of India case ruled that any Member of Parliament and Member of the Legislative Assembly in 10 July 2013 and who is convicted of crime and awarded a minimum of two year remand and loss membership of the house with effect.

The Controversial ordinance withdrawn on put away lawmakers with the Congress Core Group study of this matter in the wake of Rahul Gandhi՚s Commination of the cabinet move in last week.

All Events on controversial ordinance given below:

  • Supreme Court rules of MP or MLA would be invalidated if convicted by court in a criminal crime in 10 July, 2013.
  • Union Cabinet clears an authorization for protect convicted MP and MLA՚s from invalidated in 24 September, 2013
  • BJP is opposition parties and that is left and congress clash over the authorization that protects convicted MP and MLA from Invalidated in 25 September, 2013
  • BJP leaders L K Advani, Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley all are meet to president Pranav Mukherjee in 26 September, 2013 and clarification on ordinance.
  • In 27 September, 2013 Rahul Gandhi confuse to PM, In terms of ordinance as Complete nonsense that should be divided and thrown out. Before the meeting President of Us Obama confused to Manmohan Singh states that Rahul had written to him on authorization issue and that he would discuss with cabinet.
  • Prime minister crime that the matter had been considered in detail within party and government. In 1st October, 2013