Syrian Civil War-Details on Syrian Revolution

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President Al Assad delivered a speech on 6 January. He outlined his view of political where outside countries would stop arming “terrorist groups” inside the country.

80 dead bodies were discovered in Qweiq waterway in 29 January 2013. These areas are controlled by the FSA reagarding to reports and many had their tired behind their backs.

Syrian Civil War is also called Syrian Revolution is conflict taking place in Syria. Syrian Civil War is occur in 15 March 2011 and Islamic Front formed in 2013. Hezbollah entered war in support of the Syrian army. In July 2014 ISIL controlled a third of Syrian՚s region and most of its oil and Gas production.

30 to 40 % was controlled by Syrian government in July 2013and 60 % of the Syrian population. On 28 January 2011 began small challenge in Syria. On 25th March 90 civilians and 7 Policemen had been killed in Syria.

The Syrian Observatory for human rights documented 110371 then beginning of the uprisings in Dera՚s up to 31 − 8 − 2013.

  1. Unidentified casualties (documented by pictures and footages) : 2,726.
  2. Civilians: 40,146. Including 5,833 children and 3,905 women.
  3. Rebel fighters (most of which are non-Syrian and others are unidentified) : 3,730.
  4. Defected soldiers and officers: 2,128.
  5. Regular soldiers and officers: 27,654.
  6. Popular defence committees, National defence forces, Shabiha and pro-regime informers: 17,824.
  7. Fighters from the Lebanese Hezbollah: 171.