Creation of the State of Telangana: How՚s and What՚s

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Telangana was part of the Hyderabad state which was merged into Indian Union on 17 September 1948 and Telugu speaking part of Hyderabad state known as Telangana.

Telangana State in southern India is the 12th largest state in India. Hyderabad will serve as a capital city for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for a period of not more then 10 years.

Telangana Bill has been drafted based on the boundaries of the expected Telangana state approved by the cabinet in meeting 3 October 2013 held that.

Telangana will have 119 elected MLAs, 40 MLCs, 17 MPs of Lok Sabha and 7 MPs of Rajyasbha.


  • Telangana will incorporate of 10 districts and successor state of Andhra pradesh will incorporate 13 districts.
  • Telangana՚s governor will have responsibility for security of life, liberty in common area of capitals.
  • By the government of India appointed and assist by two advisers.
  • Polavaram will be declared a national project and will be executed by the government of India.
  • The government of India will take measures for economic development both successor states including expansion of physical.
  • Governor of Telangana shall be responsible for making construction proposal of new projects on Krishna and Godavari rivers.
  • 10 years period, The successor state that has a deficit of electricity shall have the first right of refusal for purchase of power from other state.