UK Government Put a Ban on the Sale of Five Aquatic Plants

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On 23 January 2013 UK Government was declared ban on the sale of five species of intrusive non-native aquatic plants

Five species of invasive non-native aquatic plants are to be banned from sale, the UK government has announced.

  • First ban is its kind, hope the move will save money and help protect habitats. Richared Benyon is minister of Environment Minister said accepting the impact of intrusive species costs £ 1.7bn each year.
  • The plants to be banned from April 2014 are water scrub, water primrose and parrot՚s feather.
  • All ban will help maintain access to rivers and lakes for watersport fans and first time banned from sale in England.

Its law the fish and native plants as well as the protection of wildlife that could save Millions of pounds of UK and sales of these plants to curb. Watersport fans could save millions of pounds of UK sales of plants.

Non-Native species do not pose a threat to our natural heritage but problem of safeguarding. Canada Geese pose a risk to aircraft and its introduced from north America their large size and move about in large.

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