Union Ministry for Commerce Launched eBiz Portal to Provide One-Stop Shop for All Investment

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On 29th January 2013 Ministry for Commerce launched eBiz Portal to provide one Stop Shop for all Investment. On 28th January 2013 minister of commerce in Agra CII partnership summit launched an eBiz portal.

India՚s first government to Business portal which aims at developing business environment in country and this portal has been developed by Infosys in public private partnership will provide G2B services to investors.

Time and cost both improve the business environment in country and its protect to business and investors. eBiz project is needed for investor or to visit multiple offices or business and all available portal and business center, state and governments.

eBiz information and services to create and aloe 24 ⚹ 7 facility, approval and registration number, customer՚s application all services join manner.

Operation of that project will Provide secure one stop shop for all investment and business regarding information and services 24 ⚹ 7 on portal and remove all physical interface with authority at central, state and levels

Multiple services and apportionment and routing of payments all are made electronically composite application.

Multiple government agencies create to cross validate their information.

The eBiz project is the first of kind implemented in country and it observed by Shri Saurabha Chandra, secretary, Department of industrial policy and promotion and ministry of commerce and industry.