Asia- 26th APEC Summit 2014-At Beijing, China

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APEC means Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. The APEC summit 2014 is goigng to be held from 8 to 10 November, 2014 in Beijing, China.

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The APEC CEO Summit 2014 will gather 1500 APEC Economic Leaders. APEC goal is to support and give response of economic growth and prosperity in Asia-Pacific region. First step of APEC will carry out a collective study on issues to the FTAAP. All members implement the first-ever APEC connectivity and achieve that target for better Physical.

APEC success is that implements a wide variety of initiatives to help integrate the region՚s economies. Meeting is related to shaping the future through Asia-Pacific Partnership and focus on three priority areas are

  1. Advancing Regional Economic Integration
  2. Promoting Innovative Development
  3. Economic Reform and Growth and Strengthening Comprehensive Connectivity and Infrastructure Development.

And all members are committed to taking some steps and joint actions to foster Asia-Pacific Partnership, strengthen the role of APEC and it contribute to the long term development.