40th G7 Summit 2014-At Brussels, Belgium

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G7 Summit will take place on 4 − 5 june held at Justus Lipsius building. Its meeting in 24 march and G7 is leader՚s level.

The Brussels G7 summit wil be hosted by the European union. It was fdirst time hosted a G7 summit and that summit is represented by the European Council President Herman van Rompuy.


  • Protection of the marine environment, marine governance and resource efficiency
  • Antibiotic resistance, neglected and poverty-related diseases, and Ebola
  • Retail and supply chain standards
  • Empowering self-employed women and women in vocational training.

This all are key issue is included in agenda.

The leaders of the G7 countries will also discuss energy security, including as part of the Rome G7 Energy Initiative.

The G7 Energy Initiative for Energy Security was launched at a meeting of the energy ministers of the G7 countries held in Rome in May 2014.

at which agreement was reached on more joint measures to boost energy security. The leaders of the G7 countries then approved the principles of and measures under the Rome G7 Energy Initiative at their summit in June 2014.

In addition, they will continue the ongoing G7 process in regard to development policy.

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The attendees included the leaders of the seven G7 member states, as well as representatives of the European Union

The 40th G7 summit was the first summit for Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

All Participants are:

  • Canada is represented by Stephen Harper.
  • France is represented by Francois Hollande.
  • Germany is represented by Angela Merkel.
  • Italy is represented by Matteo Renzi.
  • UK is represented by David Cameron.
  • Us is represented by Barack Obama.