47th ADB Meeting 2014-At Astana, Kazakhstan

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ADB meeting was held 2 to 5 may in Astana, Kazakhstan. The Government of Kazakhstan is hosting ADB՚s Annual Meeting for the first time.

The theme of 2014 annual Meeting is “The silk Road-connecting Asia with the changing world”

This meeting will feature a TV debate with high profile speakers and it will be hosted by international broadcaster CNBC.

The meeting provide opportunities for member governments to interact with ADB staff, Media and representatives of observer countries and private sector.

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  • Central bank governors
  • Finance Ministers
  • business leaders
  • investors
  • journalists and Civil society
  • finance and economic planning ministers
  • senior government officials
  • representatives of the multilateral development bank community
  • investment bankers
  • representatives of nongovernment organizations
  • members of the media