83rd Interpol General Assembly 2014-At Monaco

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83rd Interpol General Assembly was held at Grimaldi Forum in Monaco in 3 to 7 November 2014. Its theme was “Turn Back Crime-100 years of international Police Cooperation”

That discussion about theme and issued a joint ministerial declaration and all member countries to take the necessary steps to strengthen international police cooperation against all forms of crime.

Interpol about idea was born in 1914 at the first international criminal police congress that was held in Monaco and international police was created in 1923

It is the world՚s largest international police organizational with 190 member countries.

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More than 100 countries will attend the 83rd Interpol General Assembly held in Monaco and Police Chiefs and other Senior law official from around the world will be participating in these conference and its theme is related to “Turn Back Crime-100 Years of international Police Cooperation”

Ministerial declaration was issued at the conclusion of the meeting and all member countries to take necessary steps to strengthen international police cooperation.