2014 FIFA Cup Held in Brazil: Story, Preparations, Participants, Facts and Figures

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2014 FIFA World Cup was held in Brazil and this World cup was 20th FIFA World Cup. The word championship for men՚s national association football team and that is organized by FIFA. FIFA is in 12 June to 13 July 2014 hosted in Brazil. Second time Brazil staged the competition and 5th time was held in south Africa.

In FIFA World Cup 5 million people gathered and country received 1 million visitors from 202 countries. Every World Cup-winning team since in 1930 the first edition Brazil, England, France, Italy all are qualified for this tournament. In 2014 FIFA World Cup features 32 teams for host in Brazil.

Most of successful teams were determined with this confederations with limited number of confederation.

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Preparations of FIFA World Cup

  • US $ 14 billion estimated cost of the Brazilian government and it is most expensive world cup to date.
  • FIFA is spend US $ 2 billion on staging. Organizers estimated costs of US $ 1.1 billion and reports US $ 3.6 million was spent on stadium work.
  • $ 900 million will be invested for security and tournament will be most protected sports events


  • 32 teams played total of 64 matches and 48 group include in the stage matches and 8 round of 16 matches.
  • Brazil, Mexico, Croatia, Cameroon all are team A in FIFA Word Cup 2014.
  • Netherlands, Chile, Spain and Austraila all are in Group B in FIFA Word Cup 2014.
  • Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast and Japan in Group C in FIFA Word Cup 2014.
  • Costa Rica, Uruguay, Italy, England in Group D in FIFA Word Cup 2014