Google Signs 60-Year Lease with NASA

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Illustration 1 for Google Signs 60-Year Lease with NASA

Over a 60 years to lease from NASA the Moffett Federal Airfield in California in February. All condition and terms of the agreement, Google will pay to NASA and estimated $ 1.16 billion in rent over the life of agreement and over the 60-year lease term.

Google is spending over $ 200 million for hangars and also provide facility like education facility on the airfield and focus on site՚s legacy. This site located on San Francisco Peninsula. 1000 acre site on the NASA owned Moffett Field Naval Air Station. In hangars airfield flight operation building, two runways and private golf course and NASA said that.

NASA says that leasing the airfield will save it alone $ 6.3million in maintenance and operation costs. In May 2013 the airfield will response to the government and controlled public and private flight operations.

Charles Bolden of NASA՚s administrator says- “We want to invest taxpayer resources in scientific discovery, technology development and space exploration-not in maintaining infrastructure we no longer need.”

Google՚s president of real estate, David Radcliffe said “We look forward to rolling up our sleeves to restore remarkable landmark Hangar One, which for year has been considered in USA”