2014 Hockey India League

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Hockey is a family of sports in which two teams play against each other by trying to maneuver a ball or puck into the opponent՚s goal using a Stick. The First Hockey world cup tournament was started in 1971. that՚s year 12 team were included in this tournament.

Hockey is the type of sport in which players to get points by hit an object into the another team goal. There are 3 main type to played hockey.

  1. Ice Hockey: It is played in Ice. In each player wear ice skates. They try to small rubber disc called a hocky puck.
  2. Field Hockey: It is played with a small on grass.
  3. Roller Hockey: It is played on roller hocky rink.

The Hockey India League also known as Hero Hockey India League and was hosted in India. It is the second tournament. The tournament Begins on 25th January 2014 until to 23rd February 2014. In this Tournament 6 teams played 34 matches in different Venue.

Teams Details:

  1. Delhi Waveriders
  2. Kalinga Lancers
  3. Mumbai Magicians
  4. Punjab Warriors
  5. Uttar Pradesh Wizard

The 1st semi-final match played between Delhi waveriders and Uttar Pradesh Wizards at Hockey stadium, Ranchi and the 2nd Semi Final match played between Punjab Warriors vs Ranchi Rhinos at Hockey stadium, Ranchi.

After playing two semi final game the final two team was Punjab warriors and Delhi waveriders who played final game of the Hockey India League 2014.

Delhi Waveriders won the ghosts of last year as they came through 3 − 1 in to beat Punjab Warriors for the Hero Hockey India League title.

Scoring Updates

Talwinder singh goal 1st of the season team of Delhi Waveriders against Punjab Warriors and Yuvraj Walmiki played the last goal of this season team of Delhi Waveriders against Punjab Warriors.