India, Australia Agreess on New Security Cooperation Framework & Early Closure of Civil N-Agreement

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India and Australia both agreed in Tuesday on seeking closure on the civil nuclear agreement and also speed up negotiations on a trade agreement as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrange and talk with his counterpart of Australian Tony Abbott.

Two countries are signed five agreements and including that exchange of sentenced prisoners when India prime minister addressed the Australian counterpart Tony Abbott and Modi is welcomed the New Framework for security cooperation.

Modi said India will hold a “Make in India” show in Australia in 2015. The economic climate has changed in India.

India and Australia also agreed on framework for security cooperation of strategic partnership. Modi said between two countries more peoples are connected.

Highlighting the growing economic and military powers of India. He said Cricket and hockey are natural glue between our people and happy with new cultural exchange program inked Tuesday and India established a cultural center in February 2015 at Sydney.

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