Internet Governance Forum 2014-At Istanbul, Turkey

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Internet Governance Forum Meeting was held in Istanbul, Turkey on 2 − 5 September 2014. Internet Governance Forum is a multistackholder, Democratic forum which facilitates discussions on public policy issues related to internet governance.

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Theme of meeting was “Connecting Continents for Enhanced Multistakeholder internet Governance” and its sub themes are eight:

  • Policies enabling Access
  • Content Creation, Dissemination and Use
  • Internet as engine for growth & development
  • IGF & The Future of the Internet ecosystem
  • Enhancing Digital Trust
  • Internet and Human Right
  • Critical Internet Resources
  • Emerging Issues


  • 1300 remote participants and open to all business participants in Internet Governance Forum Meeting 2014
  • More than 2,400 delegates representing 144 different countries convened in Istanbul.
  • Once again civil society was the largest represented stakeholder group at the forum with 779 participants
  • followed by the private sector with 581
  • governments with 571
  • the technical community with 266
  • the media with 110
  • intergovernmental organizations with 96.


Economy Agenda

  • Online business
  • Innovation and creative industry
  • IANA transition


  • Sovereignity
  • Reviewing law on Public Services
  • Internet Governance in Indonesia with Human Rights perspective


  • Internet infrastructure and IPV6
  • Standardization, Net Neutrality
  • Cybersecurity

Socio Culture

  • Ethics
  • Child safety
  • Freedom of expression