Lima Climate Change Conference: UN Climate Change Convention

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The United Nations Climate change conference was held in Lima and Peru in 1 to 12 December 2014. That session was 20th yearly session of the conference

The predictions for Lima looked particularly bright in the wake of the agreement between the US and China and that was announced by presidents Obama and in 11th November.

The Lima climate change conference brought together over 11000 participants 6300 government officials and 4000 representatives from UN agencies, civil society organizations and 900 members of the media.

Lima focused on outcomes under ADP necessary to advance towards an agreement in Paris at 21 in 2015.

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  • 1 December, COP 19 Marcin Korolec welcomed delegates to joint COP opening ceremony highlighting outcomes of COP19.
  • Minister of Environment Peruีšs said COP 20 would increase trust. And Create space between state and non-state.
  • This report describe the discussion by the COP, CMP, SBI and ADP based on their agenda.

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