MH17-Special Emphasis on Technical Aspects

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MH17 OF Malaysia Airlines flight passed from Amsterdam՚s Schiphol airport at 10: 15 GMT and Kuala Lumpur on Route disappeared from radar and four hours into the journey.

Plan was found to have crashed and Ukraine killing all 283 passengers and 15 members of team on board.

Malaysian Airlines finalized that pilot was ordered to fly at a lower heighted by the Kiev air traffic control lower upon its entry into Ukraine airspace.

MH17 was diverted from the south easterly route over the sea of Azov to path over the Donetsk. The regular flight path of MH17 over a period of ten days prior 17th July.

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MH17 crashed issues are:

  1. The technology of privacy. Technology is not to be taken for allowed as the protection of privacy is concerned. Three type factors are confronting online users and their expectation as a privacy-
    • The lost guesses that behaviors are private
    • The nature of the Internet is unfair with privacy as all know it
    • That private online “conversations” remain as such.
  2. MH17 crash is the way professional journalists acted and used this content and its photos, videos, voices and opinions are available privacy are left to the citizen user to decide how to proceed.
  3. The debate between the freedom of media and respect of privacy. The European Convention of Human Rights. The European court has stated that There is no hierarchical position between the right to privacy.