MH370 Disappearance: International Response

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On 8 March 2014 disappeared Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. After a month disappearance of flight MH370 was declared an accident. After departing from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing with 239 Passengers and some members on board.

The moment news broke that MH370 had gone missing, the world՚s plan theorists have weighed in with explanation of their own for the aircraft՚s disappearance for investigator failure to find it.

Minister of Malaysian transport Hishammuddin Hussein said- “100 days after MH370 went missing and it loss a painful void in the hearts of all Malaysians and those around the world.”

We can՚t and will not wildness the families of the group and passengers of MH370. We will with grace of God and find this missing plane and so with it begins the process of healing.

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  • A international team of investigators managed by Malaysia and announcement report on Sunday on their inquiry into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines ′ Flight MH370,1 year after it went missing.
  • MH370 was spotted it is turn back by Malaysian primary radars operated by military and civil.
  • Investigators revealed nothing apprehensive in the financial, medical and personal history of pilots.
  • Any message is not occur from aircraft reporting a system failure.