Rise of Nationalistic Movement-Egypt & Syria

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Egypt nationalistic is depend on nationalism of Egyptians and Egyptian culture. This nationalism has been civic nationalism that has emphasized the unity of Egyptians regardless of religion.

Remarkable elements of the posted in January revolution anti-islamist movement in Egypt has been struggle to articulate. Egyptian nationalism is the strongest challenge to Islamism. Islamism might have just found its challenger as a strongest in quite. Muhammad Ali of Egypt led Egypt into advanced level of socioeconomic development its compare with Egypt՚s neighbours.

Egyptian nationalist movement that demanded an end to the alleged of the Muhammad Ali family.

During 18th and 19th century, French and British colonialism had effects on Egyptian society. Egypt get partial independence from the United Kingdom in 1922. Egyptian nationalism and Egypt՚s attempts to confirm itself as both leader.

Egypt was briefly united with Syria from 1958to 1961 when Syria leave the union.

In1946 Egypt was changed and changing country and Nationalist demands which had been current the day of Saad Zaghlul. The nationalist Movement in Egypt was impetuous and lack of unity.

Once large number of people became politicized around the cause of nationalism.