Under Satya Nadella Microsoft Emerges as World՚s 2nd Top Firm

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Satya Nadella is CEO of Indian American of Microsoft. Microsoft company is world՚s 2nd most valuable company because Microsoft overtaken oil giant Exxon Mobil, after iphone maker Apple Inc.

Satya Nadella rearrange Microsoft has been struggling with the market in personal computer to focus on cloud services and mobile technology.

so his effort is successfully get result so Microsoft now the second number valuable company in the world.

Exxon՚s stock has a market capitalization of 402.66 $ billion and 483.1 $ billion of this year. Total market value of Microsoft was $ 343.8 billion in May but it shares closed at $ 49.58 in 14 November. it՚s market value of $ 408.7 billion.

Microsoft has better than IBM, HP, Oracle and it continue to face the challenges of Apple՚s power.

In Mobile industry, people refer to the company՚s Surface tablets like “iPads” and “Knockoff iPads”

Apple has the upper hand in the industry with Forbes ranking it is most valuable brand.

Forbes is world՚s most valuable brand and it is dominated by tech giants with tech companies Apple, Microsoft and Google getting top three acnes followed by Coca-Cola and IBM ranking is fourth and fifth.

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