World Economic Forum 2014-At Abuja, Nigeria

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World Economic forum on Abuja, Nigeria on 7 − 9 May 2014 increasing growth and its creating jobs of Africa՚s remarkable growth its Path is protected and to remain above 5 % in 2014 with west Africa is fastest growing its sub-region.

that represent the continent՚s largest business opportunity.

Such that welcome boon to a region whose youthful population offers the prospects of a significant demographic dividend fuelled by growth in consumer industries, manufacturing and business process outsourcing

World Economic Forum recognizes sixteen companies from Africa as global growth companies are nominated on the its strength and its ability to become in future leaders.

The world Economic Forum is proud to recognize these 16 champions that are responsible economic growth and creation in America.

Nigeria, sub-Saharan Africa՚s second-largest economy and most populous nation-with over 160 million inhabitants already plays a crucial role in advancing the continent՚s growth.

As the foremost gathering on the continent, the 24th World Economic Forum on Africa will bring together regional and global leaders to discuss about innovative structural reforms and investments that can sustain the continent՚s growth

while creating jobs and prosperity for all its citizens. World Economic forum theme of the meeting is forging inclusive growth and creation job.