2016: Point-Wise Current-Affairs/GS Articles

  • Jun 22, 2016
  • 1 Martian Crater Name Came from Nepal Quake-Hit Village Langtang [ None ]

    The crater on Mars is named as Langtang by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) after one of the villages most affected by the demoralizing 2015 earthquakes in Nepal. The Langtang crater on Mars is 9.8 kilometers extensive and has scientific significance.

    Image of Martian Crater

    Image of Martian Crater

    Martian Crater which is Name Came from Nepal Quake-Hit Village Langtang

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  • 2 Expert Committee’S Recommendations for Examining Specific Relief Act, 1963 [ Committees/Govt. Bodies ]

    To examine the Specific Relief Act, 1963 the Expert Committee was constituted which had submitted its report to Union Law and Justice Minister D. Sadananda Gowda and suggested to recommended changes in the decades old law to confirm the ease of doing business in the country.

    • The

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  • 3 World’S Powerful Supercomputer Sunway-TaihuLight Revealed [ None ]

    Sunway TaihuLight the world’s most powerful supercomputer system has been launched by China in the 2016 edition of Top500 list. Sunway-TaihuLight has calculations with processing speed of 124.5 petaflops per second (Pflops). It becomes world’s first system to with surpass 100 pet

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  • 4 Use of Cancer Causing Chemical Potassium Bromate Banned by Union Government as Food Additive [ None ]

    The use of potassium bromate (KbrO3) has been banned by Union Government the as a food improver as it is carcinogenic ad decided by the Union Health Ministry based on the recommendation of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

    • the Health Ministry has got recommen

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  • Jun 21, 2016
  • 1 🌟  अमेरिका में होने वाला राष्ट्रपति चुनाव के उम्मीदवार (President Election US 2016 Candidates Essay in Hindi) [ News Snippets (Hindi) ]

    प्रस्तावना: -दुनिया के सबसे ताकतवर देश का रुतबा हासिल करने वाले अमरीका के महामहिम पद की उम्मीदवारी के लिए ’जंग’छिड़ी हुई हैं। प्रमुख दल रिपब्लिकन के टिकट के लिए दावेदार डोनाल्ड ट्रंप और डेमोक्रेट्‌स की ओर से हिलेरी क्लिंटन एडी-चोटी का जोर लगा रहे हैं। दोनों अपने देशवासियों को सपने

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  • 2  21st June: International Yoga Day [ Important Days ]

    The second International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21st June. It is secular and international event, total 135 countries including 40 Muslim nations has participate in this celebration in order to support this global event in India.

    • In this regard Prime minister of India Narendr

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  • 3  URJA Mobile App Launched by Union Ministry of Power [ None ]

    ‘URJA’- Urban Jyoti Abhiyaan Mobile application has been launched by the Union Ministry of Power for Urban Power Distribution Sector, in this regard Piyush Goyal the Union Power minister has launched this app on the side-lines of two day conference of Power Ministers at Cansaulim

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  • 4  Silver Medal Won by India at Archery World Cup in Antalya [ None ]

    The silver medal has been won by the Indian mixed recurve team of Deepika Kumari and Atanu Das has at the Archery World Cup held in Antalya, Turkey in the finals played at Konyaalti Beach Park, the Indian team lost to South Korea with 1 - 5 score.

    • Indian team trailed by 0 - 2 sc

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  • 5  100% FDI in Aviation, Defence and E-Commerce Sectors Approved by Union Government [ Defense ]

    For nine sectors the Union Government has relieved foreign direct investment (FDI) norms to give motivation to job creation and comfort for doing business in the country and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken decision in this regard at a high-level meeting. India becomes

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  • 6  Mukh Mantri Punjab Hepatitis C Relief Fund Launched by Punjab Government [ None ]

    A special fund “Mukh Mantri Punjab Hepatitis C Relief Fund” has been launched by the Punjab government in order to provide free treatment for patients pretentious by Hepatitis C. By launching this initiative Punjab became the first Indian state to provide free treatment to confir

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  • Jun 20, 2016
  • 1  Ramayana & Krishna Circuits Approved by Union Government Under Swadesh Darshan Scheme [ None ]

    The Ramayana and Krishna Circuits has been approved by the Union Government under Swadesh Darshan Scheme of the Union Ministry of Tourism at the first meeting of National Committee on Ramayan Circuit and National Committee on Krishna Circuit which was chaired by Union Tourism and

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  • 2  Official Slogan of Rio 2016 is Reveals “a New World” for Olympic and Paralympic Games [ None ]

    The official slogan of the Rio 2016 has been revealed by Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) “A New World” at a special ceremony held at Olympic Park in Barra da Tijuca, Brazil for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games which is going to be schedule

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  • 3  Sunil Mittal: New Chairman of International Chamber of Commerce [ None ]

    Sunil Bharti Mittal the chief executive of Bharti Group has been elected chairman of the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) and with this he will succeed Terry McGraw the Chairman Emeritus of S&P Global, who became ICC’s Honorary Chairman.

    Image of Sunil Bharti Mittal

    Image of Sunil Bharti Mittal

    Sunil Bharti Mittal New Chairman of International Chamber of Commerce

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  • 4  17th June Observed as World Day to Combat Desertification [ Important Days ]

    Every year 17th June is being observed as the World Day to Combat Desertification (WDCD) across the world to encourage public awareness associated to international cooperation to combat desertification and the properties of drought.

    • The theme of 2016 is “Inclusive cooperation fo

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  • 5  Manimala Devi a Veteran Odia Actress is No More [ None ]

    Manimala Devi a noted theatre personality and popular yesteryear Odia film actress passed away in Bhubaneswar, Odisha at the age of 86 years due to old-age-related complications. She was one of the first generation artistes in the state and form 1960s she had ruled the Odia film

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  • 6  10 Coastal Police Stations Notified by Union Home Ministry [ None ]

    For creating 10 coastal police stations across India’s coastline in 9 States and 4 UTs the Union Home Ministry has notified official gazette notification. With this polis station it will empower the register and investigate crimes committed within the country’s exclusive economic

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  • 7  2016 Champions Trophy Title of Hockey Has Been Won by Australia [ None ]

    The 2016 Champions Trophy title of Hockey has been won by the Australia by beating India with 3 - 1 score at the final match played at London (United Kingdom), both teams in regulation period failed to score goals.

    • With this victory a history is created by the Australia for win

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  • 8  Reform and Broaden Tax Net PM Narendra Modi Outlines RAPID and Five-Point Mantra [ None ]

    RAPID and five-point mantra announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to tax officials to reform and broadens the direct tax net base and the new five point charter for tax administrators. Earlier during the inaugurating Rajasva Gyan Sangam it was announced, a two-day Annual Conf

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  • 9  Now NPS Joined by NRIs Online Through eNPS [ None ]

    Now non-resident Indians (NRIs) are able to open National Pension Savings (NPS) accounts online i. e. through eNPS if they have Aadhaar Card or Permanent Account Number (PAN) card as announced by the Union Finance Ministry.

    • NPS accounts could be opened by NRIs only through paper

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  • Jun 20, 2016
  • 1  Second Time Gravitational Waves Detected by Scientists [ None ]

    The collision of two black holes 1.4 billion light years away, which creates gravitational waves is second time successfully discover by the scientists for the second time using the twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) interferometers in the US.

    • With t

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  • 2  2016 European Grand Prix of F1 Won by Nico Rosberg Wins [ None ]

    The 2016 European Grand Prix of Formula One has been won by the Nico Rosberg a German Mercedes driver, which was the eight race of the 2016 season of Formula One in which total 11 teams had participated.

    • The race was organized on a street circuit in Baku, Azerbaijan.
    • With this

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  • 3  20th June Being Observed as World Refugee Day [ Important Days ]

    World Refugee Day is being observed on 20th June every year to raise awareness of the situation of refugees throughout the world, the main aim behind this observation is to draw attention to the plight of refugees and also to celebrate their resolution and flexibility and restart

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  • 4  For 2016 International Yoga Day, Yog Geet Released by Union Ministry of AYUSH [ Important Days ]

    The Yog Geet (Yoga song) has been launched by the Union Ministry of AYUSH Ministry for celebrating the second International Yoga Day on 21 June 2016 and it was selected from the 1, 000 entries were received through a national-level competition which was structured by the AYUSH Mi

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  • 5  Two New Liberalized Policies Launched by the Railway Ministry [ None ]

    Two new policies related to Parcel Cargo Train Express and Parcel Leasing has been launched by the Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu and they are Liberalised Comprehensive Parcel Leasing Policy (CPLP) and Liberalised policy on Parcel Cargo Express Trains (PCET).

    • As part of 20

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  • 6  For First Time IAF Inducts 3 Women Fighter Pilots in the History [ None ]

    By inducting 3 women fighter pilots the Indian Air Force (IAF) created history and these three women fighter pilots are Bhawana Kanth, Avani Chatuvedi and Mohana Singh. The official commissioned of these three women’s as fighter pilots in the IAF was announced in presence of Unio

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  • Jun 17, 2016
  • 1  Civil Aviation Policy 2016 Approved by Union Cabinet [ None ]

    The Civil Aviation Policy 2016 has been approved by the Union Cabinet to enhance the domestic aviation sector and offer passenger-friendly fares. Since Independence for the first time an integrated Civil Aviation Policy has been approved by the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation (M

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  • 2  India’S Membership of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program Approved [ None ]

    India’s membership of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) association has been approved by the Union Cabinet regarding to this Union Government has signed a MoU with the Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre for geosciences.

    Under the M

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  • 3  Contract of Exploration of Poly Metallic Sulphides Approved by Union Cabinet [ None ]

    15 years contract for undertaking exploration and other developmental activities related to Poly-Metallic Sulphides (PMS) has been approved by the Union Ministry of Earth Sciences and the International Seabed Authority (ISA).

    • The examination and other growing actions has been as

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  • 4  5 Associate Banks Will Merge with SBI Soon [ None ]

    Country’s largest lender State Bank of India (SBI) and its associate banks have been approved by the Union Cabinet to bring the state-owned entity on a par with global lenders. And the 5 associate banks of SBI are:

    1. State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
    2. State Bank of Hyderabad
    3. State

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  • 5  India and Bangladesh Transit Facility “Kolkata-Ashuganj-Tripura” Becomes Operational [ None ]

    The transit facility “Kolkata-Ashuganj-Tripura” under the revised Inland Water Transit and Trade Protocol between India and Bangladesh became operational after Prime Minister Narendra Modi signed it during his visit to Dhaka in June 2015.

    Transit facility route of India and Bangladesh

    Transit Facility Route of India and Bangladesh

    Transit facility route of India and Bangladesh

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