2016: Point-Wise Current-Affairs/GS Articles

  • Jan 22, 2016
  • 1 New chairman of CBDT: Atulesh Jindal [ None ]

    A new chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) is Atulesh Jindal a Senior Indian Revenue Service (IRS) Officer. The Appointments Committee of Cabinet (ACC) has declared his appointment which is chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    • Atulesh Jindal will replace Arun Kum

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  • 2 19th National Conference on e-Governance inaugurated in Nagpur [ None ]

    On 21 January 2016, the 19th edition of National Conference on e-Governance has begun in Nagpur, Maharashtra. The Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways Nitin Gadkari and the Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions Dr. Jitendra Singh has inaugurated th

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  • 3 Frankixalus a new tree frog species has discovered in north-eastern India [ None ]

    Frankixalus a new species of tree hole-breeding frogs has been discovered by researcher’s team headed by Professor Sathyabhama Das Biju (a frogman of India) in the forests of northeast India and bordering parts of China.

    Image of Frankixalus

    Image of Frankixalus

    New species of frog discovered in NE India

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  • 4 For Bihar Kosi Basin Development Project India has signed Loan Agreement with World Bank [ None ]

    For Bihar Kosi Basin Development Project 250 million dollars Financing Agreement has been signed by Union Government with World Bank. The World Bank’s concessionary lending arm International Development Association (IDA) has approved this lone with implementation period of 5 year

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  • 5 चेन्नई बाढ़ (Havoc of Chennai Floods - Essay in Hindi) [ News Snippets (Hindi) ]

    प्रस्तावना: - कहते हैं कुदरत से बड़ा कोई नहीं होता है। जब प्रकोप बरसाती है तो वह किसी को नहीं छोड़ती है पर उस प्रकोप के असर को इंसान चाहे तो अपने प्रयासों से कम कर सकता है। लेकिन इंसान ने पिछले कुछ दशकों में जो कथित विकास किया, उसमें कुदरत के कहर को नजरंदाज ही कर दिया। परिणाम यह ह

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  • 6  लैंडिग एयरक्राफ्टमैन रंजीत केके की गिरफ्तारी (Essay in Hindi - Arrest of Ranjith) [ News Snippets (Hindi) ]

    प्रस्तावना: - भारतीय सेना की जासूसी करते हुए अक्सर लोग पकड़ें जा रहे हैं। इसमें सेना में कार्यरत और अवकाश प्राप्त सैनिक भी कई बार लिप्त पाए गए हैं। इसमें नई बात यह है कि इन घटनाओं में उतरोत्तर बढ़ोतरी दर्ज की जा रही है और साथ ही दुश्मनों की घुसपैठ साइबर स्पेस की वजह से आसान होती ज

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  • 7 फॉर्मूला (Odd Even Rule - Curb Air Pollution in Delhi - Essay in Hindi) [ News Snippets (Hindi) ]

    प्रस्तावना: - किसी भी समस्या से निपटने के लिए विचार की शक्ति अहम होती है। ’जहां है जैसा है’ चलता है’ से आगे बढ़कर कुछ अलग सोचने की जरूरत होती है। वायु प्रदूषण गंभीर समस्या है। इससे निपटने की शुरूआत दिल्ली के मुख्यमंत्री अरविंद केजरीवाल ने की है। निजी कारों के लिए सम/विषम नंबर प्ल

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  • 8 बांग्लादेश निर्माण (Bangladesh in Making - Essay in Hindi) [ News Snippets (Hindi) ]

    प्रस्तावना: - वैसे तो पूरे विश्व में हमले होत रहते है पूर्व में पाकिस्तान ने भी पूर्वी पाकिस्तान में मार्च 1971 में हमला बोल दिया। पूर्वी पाकिस्तान (बांग्लादेश) के लोग युद्ध की विभीषिका से बचने के लिए भारत की सीमा में घुसपैठ करने लगे। एक करोड़ से ज्यादा शरणार्थी अक्टूबर तक भारत क

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  • Jan 21, 2016
  • 1 Himalayan Forest Thrush the new bird type is discovered in India [ None ]

    A new bird species named Himalayan Forest Thrush has been discover by Scientists in northeastern India and end-to-end parts of China. And they give it a scientific name “Zoothera salimalii” after ornithologist and naturalist Salim Ali for his significant contributions to ornithol

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  • 2 Policy on Promotion of City Compost has been approved by Union Cabinet [ None ]

    Policy on Promotion of City Compost has been officially permitted by the Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to this policy, mixing compost produced from city waste will use in farming and agriculture.

    Key features of Policy

    • Facility of Rs. 1500 per

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  • 3 Six-laning of NH-2 has been approved by CCEA in Bihar and Jharkhand [ None ]

    The six laning of National Highway-2 from Aurangabad-BarwaAdda section development in Bihar and Jharkhand has been approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA). At the CCEA meeting in New Delhi chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi this decision was taken.

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  • 4 At Davos, Switzerland World Economic Forum meeting has begun [ None ]

    At Swiss resort of Davos Switzerland, the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting has started and many political leaders from 40 countries and about 2, 500 business persons from around the world has attending it.

    • And the main discussion point of this edition of WEF meeting is

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  • 5 NFHS 4: Sex ratio down, knowledge rate up in women [ None ]

    As per National Family Health Survey (NFHS) 4- first phase which is released recently the sex ratio in many states in India has significantly decreased and knowledge rate has increased in women’s. Mumbai based International Institute has started the conducted this first phase of

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  • Jan 20, 2016
  • 1 Aroon Tikekar a senior journalist has passed away [ None ]

    Aroon Tikekar a senior journalist and scholar have passed away in Mumbai, Maharashtra at the age of 72 years. He has served to various newspaper groups and also has penned over 20 books.

    Image of Aroon Tikekar

    Image of Aroon Tikekar

    Penned numerous books

    About Aroon Tikekar

    • He was born on 1st Febru

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  • 2 35% job reservation for women have been approved by Bihar Government [ None ]

    35 % reservation for women in government jobs in state has been officially approved by Bihar Government. In state cabinet meeting at Patna headed by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar this decision was officially taken. This 35 % reservation for women will be relevant to all government

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  • 3 In Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2015-16 India earned 89th rank [ None ]

    In Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) 2015 - 16 list India has ranked 89th among 106 evaluated countries in terms of talent competitiveness of its human capital. INSEAD business school, Adecco and Human Capital Leadership Institute of Singapore (HCLI) has jointly accumula

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  • 4 Geethapriya a well-known Kannada filmmaker and lyricist passed away [ None ]

    Geethapriya a well-known Kannada filmmaker and lyricist passed away due to throat cancer in Bengaluru, Karnataka at the age of 84 years. He was great director, and he had directed around 40 films including one Hindi.

    Imaaage of Geethapriya

    Imaaage of Geethapriya

    Well known Kannada Filmmaker is no more

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  • 5 India’s first fully organic state: Sikkim [ None ]

    After it successfully organic farming practices implementation on around 75, 000 hectares of agricultural land Sikkim has officially become first fully organic state of India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has officially declared Sikkim as fully organic state after inaugurating th

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  • Jan 19, 2016
  • 1 2015 Lorenzo Natali Media Prize has been won by Ankita Anand [ None ]

    The prestigious Lorenzo Natali Media Prize for 2015 under Asia and the Pacific–Amateur category has been won by Delhi-based Journalist-writer Ankita Anand for her article ‘Stirrings beneath the peepul’ published in the journal The Equator Linel.

    • In this article she had describe

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  • 2 2014-15 Krishi Karman Award has been rewarded to Madhya Pradesh [ Awards ]

    For 4th successive time the Union Government’s prestigious Krishi Karman Award in maximum food grains production category has been conferred to Madhya Pradesh for year 2014 - 15. For the Integrated Agri Production category MP has been shortlisted for the award in the year 2014 -

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  • 3 Economic emergency has been announced by France [ None ]

    To redefine France’s economic and social model of France, Francois Hollande President of French has declared a state of economic emergency. Government has planned series of economic measures to boost long-stagnant economic growth and reduce chronic unemployment under the ambit em

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  • 4 Anil Ganguly a Noted filmmaker is no more [ None ]

    About Anil Ganguly: Noted filmmaker Anil Ganguly passed away in Mumbai, Maharashtra due to brief illness at the age of 82 years. He was noted screenwriter and director of 1970s to 90s in Hindi cinema. He was born in 1933.

    He was become more famous for his films like:

    • Kora Kagaz

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  • 5 New MD and CEO of Tata Motors Ltd: Guenter Butschek [ None ]

    A new chief executive officer (CEO) and managing director (MD) of India’s largest automaker (by revenue) Tata Motors Ltd. ’s is Guenter Butschek. And with this appointment new he will lead all actions of Tata Motors in India and also in international markets which includes:

    • Sout

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  • Jan 18, 2016
  • 1 Nuclear sanctions on Iran has been removed by US [ None ]

    After Iran has committed to roll back its nuclear programme, United States (US) has removed a wide range of nuclear sanctions against Iran. These sanctions were lifted after conformation of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that Iran has met its commitments under the Join

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  • 2 2016 WTA Apia International title of Tennis won Viktor Troicki [ None ]

    The 2016 WTA Apia International title of Tennis in the men’s single category has been won by Serbia’s tennis player Viktor Troicki. He is World No. 22 player. He betted Grigor Dimitrov from Bulgaria with 2–6, 6–1, 7–6, (9–7) score in the final match played at Sydney, Australia.

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  • 3 Ventrapragada Rama Rao, former Sikkim Governor passes away [ None ]

    About Ventrapragada Rama Rao: Ventrapragada Rama Rao a former Sikkim Governor and senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader passed away in Hyderabad, Telangana following an illness at the age of 81 years. Born: 12th December 1935 in Machilipatnam in Krishna district of Andhra P

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  • 4 Scientists of China have invented new bio-artificial liver [ None ]

    Chinese scientists of china have invented a new bio-artificial liver which can help patients to live after liver failure or not able to an organ transplant. Researchers team from the Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences and doctors from Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital have deve

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  • 5 New board of directors of AIIB is Dinesh Sharma from India [ None ]

    The new board of directors of the China-sponsored Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is Dinesh Sharma from India. Secret ballot has elected him as one of the 12-member of board. For the first time AIIB has which 57 nations as founding members including India involve.

    • In

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  • 6 Tsai Ing-wen becomes first female President of Taiwan [ None ]

    About Tsai Ing-wen: Tsai Ing-wen was born on 31st August 1956. She is the first president elected to Hakkaand Native succession first single president and the first to have never held a position of an elected post. She is also the second female president of East Asian nations aft

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  • 7 AIIB has been opened officially by China’s President Xi Jinping [ None ]

    About AIIB: AIIB stands for Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. It is a multilateral development bank sponsored by China and is seen as a opposing to the World Bank and Asian Development Bank (ADB). It has been established for infrastructure projects like energy, transport, urb

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