2018: Point-Wise Current-Affairs/GS Articles

  • May 30, 2018
  • 1 Expected Most Important Topics for UPSC - 2018 (Part - 3) [ International Relations/Organizations, Govt. Schemes/Projects, Bills ]

    National Anthem in Cinema Halls - The Supreme Court has modified its earlier order regarding mandatory playing of national anthem in cinema halls. In its earlier order, the court ordered all cinema halls to play the anthem before screening a film.

    • The Supreme Court has modified

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  • 2 Expected Most Important Topics for UPSC - 2018 (Part - 7) [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Understanding the Chinese mind Post - Doklam: Post the stand-off between India and China over the Doklam plateau. Two sides agreed to step back and disengage, thus avoiding a confrontation.

    • India’s actions in Doklam are easy to detect.

    • It’s going to help of a treaty partner in

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  • 3 List of Important Committees in India- 2018 (Part - 3), Culture and Disaster Management [ Committees/Govt. Bodies ]

    Corporate Insolvency and liquidation panel - Chairperson Uday Kotak, Purpose To consolidate and amend laws relating to reorganization as well as insolvency resolution of corporate persons, partnership firms and individuals in a time bound manner.

    International Organisation of Se

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  • 4 List of Important Committees in India- 2018 (Part - 2) [ Committees/Govt. Bodies ]

    Six Member Committee on Film Certification - Chairperson Shyam Benegal, Purpose To lay down the procedure of certification within the guidelines of Cinematograph Act 1952 and suggest a suitable staffing structure for more efficient service.

    • Recommendations CBFC should only be a

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  • 5 List of Important Committees in India- 2018 (Part - 1) [ Committees/Govt. Bodies ]

    Banking Committees - DR Gadgil Committee for Agricultural Finance, Godwala Committee for Rural Finance, ML Dantwala Committee for Regional Rural Banks, SS Nadkarni Committee for Trading In Public Sector Banks.

    • Venketaiya Committee for Review of Rural Financing System

    • Bhide Commi

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  • 6 Expected Most Important Topics for UPSC - 2018 (Part - 2) [ Economy, Environment/Ecology, Agriculture/Agro Industries ]

    Trade & Development report 2017 - Trade & Development report 2017 was recently released by United Nation Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The report pegs India’s rate at 6.7 % in 2017, down from 7 % in 2016.

    • In its recent report titled Beyond austerity towards a glo

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  • 7 Expected Most Important Misc Topics for UPSC/NET - 2018 (Part - 1) [ Science/Technology, Economy, International Relations/Organizations, Health, Environment/Ecology ]

    For NET Education and Environment topics are important.

    Coconut palm declared State tree of Goa - Facing criticism from the government’s allies in Goa for removing coconut palm from the list of trees, the BJP - led coalition Cabinet passed an amendment granting it the status of “

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  • 8 🌟 Viral Load Test for HIV/AIDS Patients, What is Mission Sampark?What is 90:90:90 Target? (Important) [ Health ]

    The government launched scheme to provide free of cost viral load testing, at least once a year, for 1.2 million People who are Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) and are on treatment at 530 ART centers.

    Image Free viral load testing for people living with HIV/aids

    Image Free Viral Load Testing for People Living with HIV/aids

    Image Free viral load testing for people living with HIV/aids

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  • 9 Andaman & Nicobar Command to Host Milan 2018 [ International Relations/Organizations, Defense ]

    Milan is a multilateral naval exercise hosted by the Indian Navy under the aegis of the Andaman and Nicobar Command. The biennial event is held in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and features professional exercises and seminars, social events and sporting fixtures between partic

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  • May 30, 2018
  • 1 Amma Two Wheeler Scheme [ News Snippets (Hindi) ]

    Amma Two Wheeler scheme was launched in Chennai. It is a scheme for working women launched on the occasion of the 70th birth anniversary celebrations of late leader Jayalalithaa. The scheme was aimed at lowering the number of female foeticide and gender-based abortion.

    Image of Amma Two Wheeler Scheme

    Image of Amma Two Wheeler Scheme

    Image of Amma Two Wheeler Scheme

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  • 2 Indian Railways Inducts 2 State-of-the-Art High Horse Power Locomotives Employing Insulated [ Science/Technology ]

    Indian Railways in collaboration with General Electric (GE) has inducted two Digitally Enabled Locomotives based on state of art insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology. 700 locomotives will be 4500HP WDG4G and rest 300 locomotives will be of 6000HP.

    Image of Gauge Power Load Class Subtype

    Image of Gauge Power Load Class Subtype

    Image of Gauge Power Load Class Subtype

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  • 3 Dara Shukoh’S Writings [ Culture, Ethics ]

    Dara Shukoh, also known as Dara Shikoh (20 March 1615 – 30 August 1659), was the eldest son and heir-apparent of the fifth Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. The Vice President of India, said that Prince Dara Shukoh’s writings can come as a refreshing source for infusing peace and harmon

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  • 4 Settings Up Goals for Education in New India 2011-Developing Strong Character,Ethical,Moral Values [ Education, Speeches ]

    The vice president stressed upon the stress free education for children. Education - Education is not meant only for degrees and employment but must also develop the overall personality of an individual in a truly holistic manner.

    Image of Concept of Stress

    Image of Concept of Stress

    Image of Concept of Stress

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  • May 29, 2018
  • 1 🌟 Food Additives- Dangerous Chemicals in Food Products (Important) [ Policy/Governance, Economy ]

    Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare apprizes strict norms regarding standards of food products & additives to be used in food products to ensure safety of these products.

     Image of Food Additives

    Image of Food Additives

    Image of Food Additives

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  • 2 🌟 Indian Railways Inducts 09-3x Dynamic Tamping Express Machines for Track Maintenance (Important) [ Railways ]

    Indian Railways has inducted three 09 - 3X Dynamic Tamping Express machines to improve mechanised track maintenance. Three operations including manual interface is now combined in one machine.

    Image of 09-3x Dynamic Tamping Express

    Image of 09 - 3x Dynamic Tamping Express

    Image of 09 - 3x Dynamic Tamping Express

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  • 3 Sports Authority of India (SAI) Implementing Training Centre (STC) Scheme in HP [ Sports ]

    Sports Authority of India (SAI) was set up w/objective of promotion of Sports & Games. Also allocated responsibility of maintaining & utilizing infrastructure on behalf of Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports.

    Image of Sports Authority of India

    Image of Sports Authority of India

    Image of Sports Authority of India

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  • 4 🌟 Six Central Universities Approved for Starting Yoga Department (Important) [ Education ]

    Universal Grant Commission has conveyed approval for starting Yoga Department in some central universities. Below six central universities across India have been identified by UGC (Universal Grant Commission) to start Yoga Department from academic session 2016 - 17:

    Image of Yoga Department

    Image of Yoga Department

    Image of Yoga Department

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  • 5 🌟 What are Greenfield & Brownfield Projects? Nabagram Military Station - (Important) [ Defense ]

    Nabargram Military Station is planned as green field project on 250 acres of defence land. Green Field Project means Work, which is not following prior work. Projects on unused lands where there is no need to rebuild & demolish existing structure are called Green Field Projects.

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  • 6 🌟 India-Based Neutrino Observatory (INO) Project - Multi-Institutional Effort (Important) [ Science/Technology ]

    INO project is building excellent underground laboratory in India. Project includes 4 construction: 1. Construction of underground laboratory with facilities at Pottipuram in Tamil Nadu. 2. Construction of Iron Calorimeter (ICAL) detector for studying neutrinos.

    Map of INO project Pottipuram (Madurai) in Tamil Nadu.

    Map of INO Project Pottipuram (Madurai) in Tamil Nadu.

    Map of INO project Pottipuram (Madurai) in Tamil Nadu.

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  • 7 $84 Million Loan for Improvement and Expansion of Water Supply in the Bihar [ Policy/Governance, Economy ]

    The Government of India and Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed a $84 million loan for improvement and expansion of water supply in Bhagalpur and Gaya town in Bihar. The Project will provide access to better quality and sustainable water supply, for the people of Bhagalpur and Ga

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  • May 25, 2018
  • 1 📹 Nutrition: Yojana May 2018 Summary - Part 3 [ Yojana ]

    Stretching a Hand to the Vulnerable - Social Inclusion refers to access to favourable opportunities in society to enhance one’s life chances. Constitutional Provisions: Part III of the Indian Constitution provides for 6 Fundamental Rights for Social Inclusion. These include Right

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  • 2 📹 Nutrition: Yojana May 2018 Summary - Part 2 [ Yojana ]

    Nutritional Status in India - Realigning nutrition policy to target the 1st 1000 days of a child’s life are crucial 1st steps towards ensuring India’s development rests on steady shoulders. Policy-makers must account for 2-key facts:

    1: Direct nutrition interventions can reduce

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  • 3 📹 National Policy on Biofuels - 2018 [ Policy/Governance ]

    Biofuel – hydrocarbon made by or from living organism. The energy is obtained by biological carbon fixation process. Biomass – dead mass that was once living 1st given in 2009. Ethanol production from - Sugar-containing materials - sugar beet, sweet sorghum, Starch-containing mat

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  • 4 📹 Expected Questions for Computers, IT & Geography - 2018 (Part - 3) [ Computers & ICT ]

    Big data - It is data sets that are so voluminous and complex. That traditional data-processing application software are inadequate to deal with them. Big data challenges include capturing data, search, data storage, data analysis sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, updat

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  • 5 📹 Expected Questions for Computers, IT & Geography - 2018 (Part - 2) [ Computers & ICT ]

    Bitcoin - It is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system, No Standard Pricing. Legal status, tax and regulation: Use of bitcoin can be criminalized. Some countries have explicitly allowed its use and trade, others have banned or restricted it.

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  • 6 📹 Expected Questions for Computers, IT & Geography - 2018 (Part - 1) [ Computers & ICT ]

    “Weaving a Digital India” National Meet on Grassroots Informatics: VIVID 2018 - National Informatics Centre (NIC) had a 3-day National Meet on Grassroot Informatics – VIVID: Weaving a Digital India, at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

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    Expected Questions

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  • 7 📹 Nutrition: Yojana May 2018 Summary - Part 1 [ Yojana ]

    Forthcoming Issue: India on the Move. Nutrition: Key to Development - W/population about 1.2 billion as per 2011 census, India is likely to be the most populous country on this planet by 2030 w/1.6 billion people.

    • 17 % of the global population.

    • Article 47 of the Constitution of

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  • May 24, 2018
  • 1 CCEA Approves Methodology to Auction Commercial Coal Mines to Private Sector [ Policy/Governance, Economy, Computers & ICT ]

    The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) approved methodology for auction of coal to private sector under Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Act, 2015 and Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1957. Opening of coal sector to commercial mining by private entiti

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  • 2 What is Big Data? BIS Accentuates the Role of Standardization in Big Data [ Policy/Governance, Computers & ICT ]

    Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the National Standards Body of India, in association with Data Science Foundation organized the 5th international data science summit in New Delhi where main topic was Big data standardization.

    Image of Big Data With 8 V's

    Image of Big Data With 8 V’s

    Image of Big Data With 8 V’s

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  • 3 🌟 What is Supercritical CO2? Next Generation Clean Energy Technology (Important) [ Science/Technology ]

    A supercritical carbon dioxide Brayton test loop facility has been developed at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. Technology has the potential to replace nuclear and thermal power plants. Loop technology reduces the water consumption, with less emissions of greenhous

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