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May 10, 2022

🌟 Rural Marketing Infrastructure, Concepts and Opportunities in Rural Markets (September 2021) 

Rural Marketing Infrastructure

  • Connecting with urban markets, logistically and electronically.
  • Encouraging participation in craft fairs and meals.
  • Agricultural products include all kinds of farm produce like cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fibres such as cotton and jute, spices, fruits, …

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🌟 Product Marketing and Brand Management, Rural Collectives and Effective Marketing (September 2021) 

Product Marketing and Brand Management

  • More than 65 % of the population lives in rural areas.
  • Rural and urban consumers differ in terms of their education, awareness, income, lifestyle, taste and preferences.
  • Developing a customized marketing and branding strategy is important.
  • Rural…

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🌟 Micro Finance and Micro Credit,Ayushman Bharat (October 2021) 

Micro Finance and Micro Credit

  • Microfinance refers to the provision of financial services such as loans, insurance, savings, etc. to low-income groups like farmers, women, pensioners, etc.
  • Microcredit is a subset of microfinance that refers to small credit facilities extended for s…

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🌟 Rural Marketing and Communication Strategies, Panchayati Raj (September 2021) 

Rural Marketing and Communication Strategies

  • Increased business operations, professional activities and services.
  • Assessing, stimulating and converting the purchasing power of rural consumers into an effective demand for specific products and services.
  • A process of developing, prici…

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🌟 Agricultural Marketing Strategies and Covid-19, ICT in Rural Marketing, 75th Independence Day Highlights (September 2021) 

Agricultural Marketing Strategies and Covid-19

  • Developmental departments, voluntary associations, FPOs and private players operated in their own way to help farmers in marketing.
  • Use of ICT, social media, B2B, C2B, P2C and C2P marketing models were promoted.
  • Increased penetration wa…

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🌟 Drivers of Rural Transformation, Womenpreneurs (October 2021) 

Drivers of Rural Transformation

  • Ministry of Rural development.
  • Inclusive and sustainable development.
  • Energy security and affordable access.
  • Basic minimum needs for all.
  • Over 65 % Indians inhabiting rural areas face more challenges in life and livelihood.
  • Incidence of multidimensional …

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🌟 Smart Villages, Making India a Fit Nation (October 2021) 

Smart Villages

  • Availability of broadband connectivity.
  • Developing 100 smart cities in India.
  • Gujarat became the first Indian state having truly smart villages using Li-Fi based optical wireless communication system.
  • Providing facilities like mini bank, mini-ATM, hotel booking, mobile…

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May 4, 2022

🌟 Rural Health Infrastructure, Maternal and Child Health (February) 

With more than 70 % of India՚s population living in rural areas, the importance of rural healthcare facilities cannot be overemphasized. The healthcare facilities in rural areas under the National Rural Health Mission (as part of the National Health Mission) have been developed a…

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HealthBased on Kurukshetra

🌟 Reforms for Social Empowerment: Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas (December) 

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme drive towards elimination of gender discrimination and improved sex ratio at birth. Sukanya Samridhi Yojana Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana Schemes of One Stop Centre (OSC) Gender Budgeting Scheme

  • Various schemes are…

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🌟 Agri-Startups and Enterprises, E-NAM (January) 

Creating new employment avenues. Leaving a ripple effect on the socio-economic fabric of Indian demography. India has become the third largest startup ecosystem hub. After the US and China, India is also home to highest number of unicorn startups.

Agri-Startups and Enterprises

  • The …

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Agriculture, Agro Industry & Allied ActivitiesBased on Kurukshetra

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