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May 9, 2022

🌟 Peoples Plan, Case Studies (November 2021) 

People՚s Plan

  • People՚s Plan Campaign (PPC) is coordinated by Department of Panchayati Raj (DoPR) at State Level.
  • DoPR shall processes the implementation of the activities in a time bound manner.
  • Rural development is a result of transactions between various:
    • Physical
    • Technological
    • Econo…

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🌟 Public Administration for Social Change, Civil Services Reform (August 2021) 

Public Administration for Social Change


  • To make the interaction between government and citizens (G2C) , government and business enterprises (G2B) , inter-agency relationships (G2G) convenient, transparent, friendly, effective, and cost-effective.
  • There are four phases o…

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🌟 Healthcare and Covid-19 (August 2021) 

Healthcare and Covid-19

  • India is known as the World Pharmacy being the largest producer of generic medicines accounting for 20 % of global production.
  • It also manufactures more than 60 % of all vaccines sold across the globe.
  • India is the world՚s second largest exporter of Ayurvedic…

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🌟 Indian Bureaucracy, Probity in Governance (August 2021) 

Indian Bureaucracy

  • Backbone of the administrative machinery of the country that forms the permanent executive branch of the government.
  • Indian Constitution through Articles 310,311 and 312 confers the protection from political interferences and unwarranted harassment.
  • Third part of …

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🌟 The Power of Human Development,The Rebellions of Palayakkars (August 2021) 

The optimal performance of human resource creates better social outcomes such as higher standards of living, a better quality of life, equitable and inclusive access to resources along with low-chances of intra-societal hostility.

The Power of Human Development

  • India has grown leap…

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May 7, 2022

🌟 Financial Devolution, Incentivization of Panchayats (November 2021) 

The grants provided were intended to be used to improve the status of basic services including water, sanitation, septage management, sewerage and solid waste management, stormwater drainage, maintenance of community assets, maintenance of roads, footpaths and street-lightning, b…

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🌟 Vibrant Gram Sabhas, Journey of Panchayats (November 2021) 

Vibrant Gram Sabhas

  • Lowest tier in the Panchayati Raj.
  • Direct representative platform.
  • Pivotal in strengthening grassroots level of democracy in India.
  • A strong foundation has been provided for citizen՚s participation at the local level by the 73rd Constitutional Amendment.
  • Mo PR has …

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🌟 Gender Diversity in PSUs, Recommendations, Women-20(W-20) (September 2021)  

Low in the Central Public Sector Undertakings. The strength of women employees is only 5 % to 9 % of the total employees even in Maharatna PSUs (considered as the best entities among public sector organizations) .

Gender Diversity in PSUs

  • Gender empowerment in PSUs′ is being looked…

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