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  • Apr 10, 2020
  • 1 Education: The “Institutes of Excellence” [ Education, Govt. Schemes/Projects ]

    Marked with controversies and irrationality in approach. Made the entire “higher education reform process” look like a big sham. Clearly eroded the credibility of the initiative.

    “Institutes of Eminence” (IoE)

    • Proposed to be granted for some well performing universities.

    • Great

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  • Apr 9, 2020
  • 1 National Policy on Electronics, 2019 and National Mineral Policy 2019 [ Policy/Governance, Education ]

    National Policy of Electronics

    Recently approved by the Union Cabinet. Replaces the National Policy of Electronics 2012 (NPE 2012). Proposed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). To position India as a global hub for Electronics System Design and Manu

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  • 2 National Digital Communications Policy 2018 and National Drones Policy - Drone Regulations 1.0 [ Policy/Governance, Education ]

    National Digital Communication Policy

    National Digital Communications Policy-2018 (NDCP-2018). Recently Approved by the Union Cabinet. Formulation of a new Telecom Policy. Previously existing National Telecom Policy-2012. To cater to the modern needs of the digital communications

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  • 3 Central Educational Institutions Bill and Higher Education Commission of India Bill [ Bills, Education ]

    Central Educational Institutions (Reservations in Teachers ‘Cadre) Bill-2019

    Central Educational Institutions (Reservations in Teachers ‘Cadre) Bill-2019 was passed by the Parliament. Reservations in teaching positions in central institutions for persons belonging to Scheduled Ca

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  • Apr 8, 2020
  • 1 AYUSH: Sowa-Rigpa - Practiced Locations, Infrastructure in India, Origin, Training and Education, National Institute [ Education, Science/Technology, Health, Agriculture/Agro Industries ]


    • Ministry of Ayush.

    • One of the oldest, living and well documented medical tradition of the world.

    • Derived from Bhoti language which means ‘Knowledge of Healing’.

    • Commonly known as Amchi system of medicine.

    • Practice of Sowa-Rigpa is similar to “Ayurveda

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  • Apr 6, 2020
  • 1 Amendments to RTE Act 2019 - Rationale and Limitations [ Education, Policy/Governance, Govt. Schemes/Projects, Bills ]

    An amendment to the Right to Education (RTE) Act has been approved by the Lok Sabha. No student could be held back/failed in a class until the end of elementary education i. e. Standard 8th Regular examination in classes V and VIII. To give a child additional opportunity to take

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  • 2 Skill Development and Healthcare [ Education, Govt. Schemes/Projects, Kurukshetra ]

    Improved health outcomes, Women empowerment, Job creation, Economic development and growth, New India@75 aims towards generating 15 lakh jobs in the public health sector by 2022.

    • Requirement of Mid-level Health Providers (MLHP) and Community Health Officers (CHOs).

    • Creation of

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  • Apr 3, 2020
  • 1 Vocational Educational Across Schools in India and Skill Development-Issues and Challenges [ Kurukshetra, Education ]

    Education programmes designed to prepare individuals for specific occupations. Imparts niche skills along with a set of specific competencies. Integration of complex knowledge, attitudes and practical experience. Vocational education in schools is offered at the secondary (Classe

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  • 2 Skilling Youths through Science and Technology - NIDHI, KIRAN, AWSAR, GSDP [ Kurukshetra, Education ]

    Department of Science and Technology (DST). Support for research and entrepreneurial skills. By 2020 India is expected to have 34.33 % share of youth in total population.

    STI Policy 2013

    • Science, Technology and Innovation Policy.

    • Focus on faster, sustainable and inclusive devel

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  • 3 Women Entrepreneurs in India: Opportunities and Challenges [ Kurukshetra, Education ]

    Resurgence of entrepreneurship is the need of the hour. Women comprise of nearly half of the world’s population. Entrepreneual activities in medium and small scale enterprises. An effective strategy to solve the problems of rural and urban poverty.

    • A strong economic well-being o

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  • 4 Skill Development: Imperatives for Achieving Growth Targets (Elements and Schemes Implemented) [ Kurukshetra, Education ]

    MSME is the nodal Ministry. Responsible for coordination of skill development efforts across the country. Bridge gap between demand and supply. Building the vocational and technical training framework.

    • Skill up-gradation.

    • Building of new skills.

    • Innovative thinking.

    Key Ele

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  • 5 Skill Development: Star Scheme, SHREYAS [ Kurukshetra, Education ]

    At present about 54 % of country’s population is below 25 years of age. By 2022 the average age of workforce participants in India would be 29 years. AI and Machine learning can enhance efficiency and productivity among various sectors.

    STAR Scheme

    • Standard Training Assessment

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  • Apr 1, 2020
  • 1 Skill Development-a Way Forward - NSSO, Labor Force Participation Rate [ Kurukshetra, Education ]

    Including industry alliances for internship and employable skills. As per the National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2015 more than 54 % of India’s population is below 25 years of age. 62 % of India’s population is aged between 15 and 59 years.

    • Total workforc

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  • 2 Skill Development in India-Thoughts and Ideas [ Kurukshetra, Education ]

    Skilling or rural India is of utmost importance. Leads to improved productivity, employment, self-employment, economic growth and poverty reduction. Improved income and quality of life. India’s majority of the population live in rural areas.

    Various Initiatives Which Could Be Co

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  • 3 Skills to Promote Skill Development and Entrepreneurship [ Kurukshetra, Education ]

    Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship is the responsible authority. Building vocational and technical training to skill up-gradation. Building new skills for existing jobs including the jobs roles that have arisen with Industry 4.0.

    • To create an eco-system of empowe

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  • Mar 2, 2020
  • 1 Skill Development Programme Samarth Scheme [ Education, Govt. Schemes/Projects ]

    Ministry of Textiles has recently launched a skill development programme name Samarth Scheme. It aims at capacity building and providing skills to the people across all value chains in the textile sector. Under Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS) in the textiles sector, ar

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  • Feb 14, 2020
  • 1 Skills Build Platform [ Education, Science/Technology ]

    Recently the government has developed is a digital platform. The digital platform focuses on holistic learning of the child. Also it has been aligned with Skill India initiative by the government of India.


    • India is the 4th

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  • Jan 5, 2020
  • 1 Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) indicator of economic health [ Education, Economy, Health ]

    Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) is an indicator of economic health, business momentum in the industrial sector of an economy. PMI reflects the investor’s sentiments about the manufacturing sector. PMI is published separately for the manufacturing and services sectors but more imp

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  • Oct 9, 2019
  • 1 Six Indian Universities Among the Top 500 Universities [ Education, International Relations/Organizations ]

    In a recent announcement regarding the World University Rankings 2020, Six Indian Universities have made it among the top 500. Among Indian institutes, IIT Ropar was ranked first alongside IISc Bangalore, beating IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi. However no Indian institute secured a ran

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  • 2 UGC Scholarships to Be Effective from October 1, 2019 [ Education, Policy/Governance ]

    In a significant step towards making the disbursal of the scholarship easier the University Grants Commission has decided to disburse the scholarship under various schemes through online system. This online system is being developed by the Canara Bank in integration with the Publ

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  • Oct 7, 2019
  • 1 Indian Institute of Skills Foundation Stone Laid in Mumbai [ Education, Policy/Governance, International Relations/Organizations ]

    The foundation stone for Indian Institute of Skills (IIS) at Mumbai, Maharashtra was laid down by the Union Minister of state for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) on 11th Sept 2019. This concept of establishing IIS was brought in from Singapore on Indian Prime Minist

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  • Oct 3, 2019
  • 1 Steps Taken to Implement the Institutions of Eminence (IoE) Scheme [ Education, International Relations/Organizations ]

    The Ministry of HRD along with the Ministry of Human Resource Development issued orders to 5 public Universities (IIT Madras, Banaras Hindu University, IIT Kharagpur, University of Delhi AND University of Hyderabad) conveying their declaration as Institutions of Eminence (IoE). T

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  • Sep 15, 2019
  • 1 Samagra Shiksha-Jal Suraksha Drive Launched for School Students [ Education, Policy/Governance ]

    To create awareness among the school students across the country, Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) launched Samagra Shiksha-Jal Suraksha drive on 9th August 2019. A similar scheme known as Jal Sanchay was launched by the Prime Minster of India as part of Jal Sha

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  • 2 20 Institutions of Eminence Released [ Education, Policy/Governance ]

    A list of 20 institutes-10 public and 10 private have been recommended recommended for Institutions of Eminence or IoE status under the supervision of the University Grants Commission or UGC which is also the higher education regulator.

    The private institutions proposed under IO

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  • Sep 11, 2019
  • 1 Centre Educational Institutions Bill, 2019 Passed [ Education, Policy/Governance ]

    The Parliament of India has passed the Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Teachers’ Cadre) Bill, 2019 has been passed by the Parliament. The bill was passed in Lok Sabha on 1st July 2019 later on 3 July 2019 the same was passed by the Rajya Sabha. The Bill has repla

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  • Sep 3, 2019
  • 1 Initiatives Taken to Improve Teaching Standards in the Country [ Education, Policy/Governance ]

    To assess and improve the quality of teaching in the country Central Government under HRD Ministry took several initiatives. MHRD is responsible for development of human resources in India is divided into 2 parts.

    The Department of School Education and Literacy looks after prima

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  • 2 Educational Development Scheme for Economically Backward Classes [ Education, Policy/Governance ]

    The Ministry of Human Resource Development proposed to implement various schemes for the Economically Backward Class students. Citizens having annual income less than Rs. 1 lakh and who do not belong to any disadvantaged social category such as Schedule Caste (SC), Schedule Tribe

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  • Sep 2, 2019
  • 1 Draft New Education Policy [ Education, Policy/Governance ]

    2-day conference on ‘Industry Academy Interaction for Improvement of Quality of Academics’ organized by the Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy (IIPE) in June 2019 appealed to people to study, analyse and debate the Draft New Education Policy and withosut making any hasty co

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  • Aug 25, 2019
  • 1 Vehicle of Development Acceleration on the “Highway of Trust” [ Education, Policy/Governance ]

    The Union Minister for Minority Affairs announced to speed up the pending projects and schemes in the next five years thereby building a greater trust among the people. Ensuring socio-economic-educational empowerment of minorities through “3Es” Education, Employment and Empowerme

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  • Aug 24, 2019
  • 1 Paramarsh Scheme [ Education, Govt. Schemes/Projects ]

    Paramarsh Scheme is the UGC scheme launched on 18th July 2019 in New Delhi by The Union Minister for Human Resource Development. The scheme aims towards Mentoring National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC) Accreditation Aspirant Institutions to promote Quality Assurance

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  • Jul 16, 2019
  • 1 Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education [ Education, Policy/Governance ]

    The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 provides for free and compulsory education to all children of the age of six to fourteen years. To do away with the no-detention policy in schools is the main content of this bill.

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  • Jul 15, 2019
  • 1 Karen Uhlenbeck Became the First Woman to Win ‘Maths Nobel’ [ Education, International Relations/Organizations, Awards ]

    The American Woman Karen Uhlenbeck became the first woman to win the Abel Prize for her fundamental work in geometric analysis & gauge theory which has changed mathematical landscape. Karen Uhlenbeck’s theories have revolutionised the understanding of minimal surfaces, such as th

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  • Jun 17, 2019
  • 1 SOI with MSDF to Document Systemic Transformation in Education Signed by NITI Ayog [ Education, Govt. Schemes/Projects ]

    NITI Aayog & Michael & Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF) signed Statement of Intent (SOI) to codify, document & share best practices to improve learning outcomes in public school education through systemic reforms, based on collective experiences of working with various state governme

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  • May 31, 2019
  • 1 Expected Questions in Education 2019-IAS/NET (Part 1) (Set-1) [ Education ]

    Please find below the most important expected topics for the upcoming UPSC Prelims exam 2019. Subscribe@Examrace YouTube Channel to get the complete series of expected questions. For practice and solutions visit - doorsteptutor. com. You can download the pdf by clicking the optio

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  • 2 Expected Questions in Education 2019-IAS/NET (Part 1) (Set-2) [ Education ]

    Please find below the most important expected topics for the upcoming UPSC Prelims exam 2019. Subscribe@Examrace YouTube Channel to get the complete series of expected questions. For practice and solutions visit - doorsteptutor. com. You can download the pdf by clicking the optio

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  • 3 Expected Questions in Education 2019-IAS/NET (Part 2) (Set-1) [ Education ]

    Please find below the most important expected topics for the upcoming UPSC Prelims exam 2019. Subscribe@Examrace YouTube Channel to get the complete series of expected questions. For practice and solutions visit - doorsteptutor. com. You can download the pdf by clicking the optio

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  • 4 Expected Questions in Education 2019-IAS/NET (Part 2) (Set-2) [ Education ]

    Please find below the most important expected topics for the upcoming UPSC Prelims exam 2019. Subscribe@Examrace YouTube Channel to get the complete series of expected questions. For practice and solutions visit - doorsteptutor. com. You can download the pdf by clicking the optio

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  • May 13, 2019
  • 1 🌟 Yuvika – Young Scientist Programme [ Education, Science/Technology ]

    ISRO launched a special programme called “Young Scientist Programme” for school children from this year aimed to transmit basic knowledge on Space Technology, Space Science and Space Applications to the youngers with the intent of arousing their interest in the areas of Space A

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  • May 9, 2019
  • 1 MHRD Schemes to Boost Educational Development of Economically Backward Classes in the Country [ Education, Govt. Schemes/Projects ]

    Ministry of Human Resource Development is implementing following schemes for the Economically Backward Class students. Under this scheme, scholarship is provided to the eligible meritorious students having family income less than Rs. 8.0 lakh per annum, for pursuing higher studie

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  • Apr 25, 2019
  • 1 🌟 Cabinet Approves 10% Reservation for Economically Backward Upper Castes [ Education ]

    The Union cabinet has approved 10 % reservation in jobs and educational institutions for the economically backward section in the general category. This reservation will be over and above the existing 50 % reservation, they said, adding that the government is likely to bring a co

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  • 2 🌟 124th Constitutional Amendment- Quota in Higher Education Across All Private Institutions [ Education, Policy/Governance ]

    The government, sources said, is confident that the decision to extend SC, ST, OBC reservation, along with EWS quota, to private institutions will pass political muster in both Houses of Parliament since the 93rd Constitutional amendment, which paved the way for quota in private

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  • Apr 22, 2019
  • 1 Mechanisms for Monitoring and Improving Quality of Education [ Education ]

    Central Government has developed the following mechanism for the monitoring of quality of education in Government schools: A web portal called ShaGun (from the words Shaala and Gunvatta) which has two parts i. e. , one is a Repository of good practices, photographs, videos, studi

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  • 2 UGC Action Against Fake Universities [ Education ]

    The Central Government as well as the University Grants Commission (UGC) has taken the following action against fake Universities running without recognition: UGC has issued Show Cause/Warning Notices to fake Universities cautioned that running of Undergraduate and Postgraduate d

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  • 3 🌟 Samagra Shiksha: Initiatives to Provide ‘Sabko Shiksha Achchi Shiksha’ [ Education, Govt. Schemes/Projects ]

    The Government of India has taken several initiatives to provide ‘Sabko Shiksha Achchi Shiksha’ i. e. for making available good quality education, accessible and affordable for all. In pursuance of the proposal of the Union Budget, 2018 - 19, to treat school education holisticall

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  • Apr 8, 2019
  • 1 Seven Books Published by Publications Division Released in World Book Fair, New Delhi [ Education, Govt. Schemes/Projects ]

    Publications Division, Ministry of I&B is Participating in the New Delhi World Book Fair Being Organized at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from fifth to thirteenth January, 2019. Seven Books Brought Out by the Division Were Released During the World Book Fair by Secretary, Ministry of

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  • 2 Women Science Congress Inaugurated - Indian Science Congress, 2019 [ Education, Science/Technology, Women/Minority Empowerment ]

    Minister of Textiles & Industry inaugurated the Women’s Science Congress as a part of the on-going Indian Science Congress, 2019 at Lovely Professional University in Jalandhar. While inaugurating the Congress, the Minister said that science is gender-neutral.

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  • 3 🌟 24 Fake Universities: UGC Tells State Govts to Take Appropriate Actions [ Education ]

    The University Grants Commission has directed chief secretaries and other respected officers of the states to take appropriate actions against the fake universities that are still running in the states. Specifically UGC issues public notice against the unrecognized status of Indi

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  • Apr 6, 2019
  • 1 27th Edition of the New Delhi World Book Fair Inaugurated [ Education, Govt. Schemes/Projects ]

    Union Minister for Human Resource Development Inaugurated the 27th Edition of The New Delhi World Book Fair 2019 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The theme of the book fair ‘Books for Readers with Special Needs’

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  • 2 Government Hikes Stipend to SRF, JRF Research Scholars by 20% Up to Rs 35,000 Per Month [ Education ]

    The research assistants pursuing postdoctoral degrees with over three years of research experience will get a stipend of up to Rs. 54,000 per month. The government has revised the fellowship amount for junior research fellows (JRF) by over 20 per cent to Rs. 31,000 from the exist

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  • Apr 1, 2019
  • 1 🌟 Creation of National Virtual Library of India as One of the Components of National Mission [ Education ]

    The objective of National Virtual Library of India (NVLI) is to facilitate creation of a comprehensive database on digital resources of India on information about India in an open access environment.

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  • 2 National Testing Agency Launched Mobile App Through Which Students Can Practice Mock Tests [ Education, Computers & ICT ]

    National Testing Agency (NTA) launched a ‘mobile app’ through which students can practice or take mock tests on their own computers or smart phones. So far, more than one lakh students have registered at these TPCs and more than one crore students have benefited from these ‘App &

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  • Mar 27, 2019
  • 1 🌟 What is PISA? India and OECD Agreement for India’S Participation in Programme for PISA in 2021 [ Education, International Relations/Organizations ]

    Government of India has decided that India will participate in the Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA) to be conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in 2021.

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  • 2 Government Announces Hike in Research Fellowship [ Education, Govt. Schemes/Projects ]

    From January 1,2019, Central Government has enhanced the fellowship of Ph. D students and other research personnel enrolled in any area of science and technology, including Physical and Chemical Sciences, Engineering, Mathematical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Life Sciences, P

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  • Mar 25, 2019
  • 1 New Reforms, Guidelines to Strengthen Jan Shikshan Sansthans (JSS) Launched [ Education, Govt. Schemes/Projects ]

    In a bid to boost skill training and entrepreneurship in the remotest corners of the country, Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Petroleum and Natural Gas (MSDE) announced comprehensive reforms for Jan Shikshan Sansthans (JSS), to further strengthen the skills ec

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  • Mar 21, 2019
  • 1 🌟 Year End Review 2018- Ministry of Human Resource Development [ Education ]

    In pursuance to Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision for ‘Transforming India’, Ministry of Human Resource Development took a leap forward in transforming education sector with the motto of “सबको शिक्षा, अच्छी शिक्षा ” (Education for All, Quality Education).

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