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May 9, 2022

🌟 Healthcare and Covid-19 (August 2021) 

Healthcare and Covid-19

  • India is known as the World Pharmacy being the largest producer of generic medicines accounting for 20 % of global production.
  • It also manufactures more than 60 % of all vaccines sold across the globe.
  • India is the world՚s second largest exporter of Ayurvedic…

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HealthBased on Yojana

May 4, 2022

🌟 Rural Health Infrastructure, Maternal and Child Health (February) 

With more than 70 % of India՚s population living in rural areas, the importance of rural healthcare facilities cannot be overemphasized. The healthcare facilities in rural areas under the National Rural Health Mission (as part of the National Health Mission) have been developed a…

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HealthBased on Kurukshetra

🌟 Make in India, E-Health Services and Technology Interventions (February) 

September 2021 marked the seventh year of the ‘Make in India’ initiative. One of the key flagship projects initiated by Prime Minister of India. India is now 4th amongst the world՚s most attractive investment destinations.

Make in India

  • According to UN, India is forecast to grow at…

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Apr 27, 2022

🌟 Booster Shots to Curb Covid-19, Kabuls Mineral Reserve, Marburg, the Next Pandemic (September 2021) 

Need to bridge the COVID-19 vaccine gap in developing countries as per WHO. Rollout of “booster” doses to citizens have been announced by several countries to those citizens who have received their required shots.

Booster Shots to Curb Covid-19

  • According to Israel, the first countr…

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