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  • Dec 13, 2016
  • 1 अमरीका में नये राष्ट्रपति का चुनाव व नये राष्ट्रपति घोषित - Donald Trump as President Elect in USA - Essay in Hindi [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    प्रस्तावना:- अमरीका जनता 8 नवंबर को नए राष्ट्रपति का चुनाव करेगी। दुनिया के सबसे शक्तिशाली देश के राष्ट्रपति के लिए डेमोक्रेट (लोकतंत्री/संयुक्त राष्ट्र अमेरिका के एक प्रमुख राजनीतिक दल का सदस्य) हिलेरी क्लिंटन और रिपब्लिकन डोनाल्ड ट्रंप के बीच मुकाबला चल रहा है। सियासी दावपेंच ज

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  • Dec 12, 2016
  • 1 Antonio Guterres Sworn in as UN Secretary-General [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Guterres was sworn as the ninth UN secretary-general, pledging to personally help bring peace in various conflicts and reform. Guterres (age 67) will replace Ban Ki-moon (age 72) of South Korea on January 1.

    UN Secretary General

    UN Secretary General

    UN Secretary General

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  • 2 India, Indonesia Agreements Inked [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Indonesia and India must cooperate closely in the key areas defence, security and counter-terrorism as no country is immune to a terror attack and also to implement UNSC resolution 1267. Joko Widodo is the President of Indonesia.

    India, Indonesia to boost maritime relations

    India, Indonesia to Boost Maritime Relations

    India, Indonesia to boost maritime relations

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  • Dec 7, 2016
  • 1 Tax Information Automatically to Eliminate Tax Evasion Shared Among BRICS Nations [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries have agreed to share tax information automatically as per their commitment to ensure the fairness of the international tax system. This was decided by the meetings of the Heads of Revenue of BRICS Countries in Mu

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  • 2 India Receives $300 Billion FDI During April 2000-September 2016 [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    India crossed the USD 300 billion foreign direct investment (FDI) milestone between April 2000 and September 2016. India was recognized as a safe investment destination in the world. According to the World Investment Report 2016 released by UNCTAD, global FDI flows increased by 3

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  • Dec 5, 2016
  • 1 6th Heart of Asia Conference Held in Amritsar, Punjab [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    The sixth edition of ‘Heart of Asia- Istanbul Process of Afghanistan‘ conference, an annual regional gathering of Asian and other countries was held in Amritsar, Punjab (India). It was inaugurated jointly by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. It concl

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  • Dec 4, 2016
  • 1 IUPAC Announces Names of the Elements 113, 115, 117, and 118 [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) approved the name and symbols for four elements: nihonium (Nh), moscovium (Mc), tennessine (Ts), and oganesson (Og), respectively for element 113, 115, 117, and 118.

    5-month period of public review, the names earlier propos

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  • Dec 2, 2016
  • 1 India Inks Rs 5,000 Crore Deal with US for 145 M777 Howitzers [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    India and the US inked an Rs 5,000 crore deals for 145 M777 ultra-light howitzers, which will mostly deployed near the borders with China. Deal for 145 American ultra-light howitzers, costing about Rs 5,000 crore was recently cleared by the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS). Th

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  • Nov 29, 2016
  • 1 Nikki Haley’S Appointed as UN Envoy [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Nikki Haley was born in the United States but her extended family is in India. She has been named as UN envoy to US President-elect Donald Trump and has been  named the South Carolina governor.

    Haley’ elder brother Harmeet Singh who had served in Operation Desert Storm retired fro

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  • Nov 27, 2016
  • 1 New Army Chief of Pakistan: Qamar Javed Bajwa [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Nawaz Sharif chequered history when it came to choosing anyone as a new general of the Pakistan Army. Nawaz Sharif chose Qamar Javed Bajwa as the successor of General Raheel Sharif. Then in 2013, he chose Raheel Sharif who has been in charge for the past 3 years.

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  • 2 One of the World’S Longest-Serving and Most Iconic Leaders, Fidel Castro Died at 90 [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro, one of the world’s longest-serving and most iconic leaders, has died aged 90. Castro toppled the government in 1959, introducing a Communist revolution. He defied the US for decades, surviving many assassination plots. He had given Cuba back

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  • 3 US Senate Seat Won by Indian-American Kamala Harris from California [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Kamala Harris defeated Loretta Sanchez from her own party to become the first black woman elected to the upper chamber in more than two decades. Indian-American Kamala Harris won the US senate seat from California. She also became the sixth black individual to be elected to the U

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  • Nov 26, 2016
  • 1 ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ of Rohingya Pursuing Myanmar: UN Official [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Thousands of desperate people have pushed over the border into Bangladesh in the last few days, bringing with them horrifying stories of gang rape, torture and the systematic killing of their ethnic group.

    • Up to 30,000 of the impoverished ethnic group have abandoned their homes in

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  • Nov 25, 2016
  • 1 1st Indian-American Woman Elected to US House is Pramila Jayapal, Washington State Senator [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Pramila Jayapal on Wednesday became the First Indian-American woman to be elected to the US House of Representatives, winning the Washington State Senate seat. She got 57 per cent of the votes from Washington State, leaving behind her rival Brady Walkinshaw with 43 per cent votes

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  • 2 Snow Falls in Tokyo for First Time in 54 Years in the Month of November [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    The Japanese capital of Tokyo hit by November snow for the first time in 54 years. This led to slowing of rush hour trains and people came up with heavy coats and boots in a city.An unusually cold air mass brought wet snow to Japan’s capital. Above-freezing temperatures kept the

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  • Nov 24, 2016
  • 1 Switzerland and India Sign Joint Declaration on Introduction of AEOI [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    India and Switzerland signed a Joint Declaration for implementation of Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) in respect of accounts of Indians held abroad. India’s income tax department will be able to obtain information from accounts of all Indians in Switzerland from 2018 on

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  • 2 Veteran Carnatic Musician, Balamuralikrishna, Passes Away [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Balamuralikrishn, a legendary Carnatic singer passed away at the age of 86. He was the singer who was awarded with Padma Vibhushan. He was well versed in Carnatic vocal music, viola and violin.

    Image of Dr M Balamuralikrishna

    Image of Dr M Balamuralikrishna

    Image of Dr M Balamuralikrishna

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  • Nov 23, 2016
  • 1 China to Import Rice from 17 Mills in India [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    China has agreed to import rice, non-basmati and basmati varieties, from 17 registered mills in India ensuring market access for Indian products in that country.China is the world’s largest rice importer.

    China agrees import NPPO approved rice from 17 mills in India

    China Agrees Import NPPO Approved Rice from 17 Mills in India

    China agrees import NPPO approved rice from 17 mills in India

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  • Nov 22, 2016
  • 1 Trump’S Plan to Revoke US from TPP Helps China, Downs India- India [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    US President-elect Donald Trump’s policy outline to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) within his first 100 days in the Oval Office if materialized cause problem to India.

    US president-elect Donald Trump announced that US will exit the TPP on his first day in offic

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  • Nov 21, 2016
  • 1 Three Bilateral Advance Pricing Agreements (APA) signed by India and UK [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Earlier both countries had exchanged agreements under the Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP)- Article of the India-UK Double Taxation Avoidance Convention (DTAC). With this, CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes, Government of India) so far has entered into 111 APAs.

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  • Nov 18, 2016
  • 1 Australia Cuts Stay of 457 Visa Holders, Indians to Adversely Affected [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Australia has announced changes to the 457 visa for skilled foreign workers to limit their ability to look for another job after their official employment ends. Foreign workers on a 457 visa will only now be able to stay in Australia for 60 days after their employment ends instea

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  • Nov 16, 2016
  • 1 Framework for International Solar Alliance (ISA) Signed by Over 20 Countries [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Over 20 countries, including India, Brazil and France signed the framework agreement of the ISA. The framework agreement of ISA opened for signatures on the sidelines of CoP22 (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change- UNFCCC) at Marrakech, in Morocco.

    International Solar Alliance & Foundation Stone laying Ceremony

    International Solar Alliance & Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony

    International Solar Alliance & Foundation Stone laying Ceremony

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  • Nov 15, 2016
  • 1 India, Israel Agree on Two Agreements [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Israeli President Reuven Rivlin is in India on a six-day official state visit. He is the first Israeli head of state to visit India in nearly 20 years. The last and first Israeli president officially visit India was Ezer Weizman in January 1997.

    India and Israel have inked two agr

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  • 2 What is NAFTA- NAFTA and Rise of Donald Trump [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Trade agreement between Canada, Mexico, and the United States signed into law in 1994 under President Bill Clinton. The framework of the deal was drafted under President Ronald Reagan in 1987.

    NAFTA essentially eliminates all tariffs among the three nations, allowing for the seaml

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  • Nov 12, 2016
  • 1 Landmark Civil Nuclear Deal with Japan [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    India and Japan signed a landmark civil nuclear cooperation deal after talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his counterpart Shinzo Abe- boosting bilateral economic, security ties, and facilitate US-based players to set up atomic plants in India.  

    • The completion of the n

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  • Nov 11, 2016
  • 1 India Now 3rd in Pictorial Warnings on Tobacco Products [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Implementing 85 percent pictorial warnings on all tobacco product packs, India has now moved several spots up into third place on a global ranking index of 205 countries from its earlier ranking of 136 in 2014 and 123 in 2012.

    Image of Pictorial Warnings on Tobacco Products

    Image of Pictorial Warnings on Tobacco Products

    Image of Pictorial Warnings on Tobacco Products

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  • Nov 10, 2016
  • 1 Donald Trump Becomes the 45th President of the United States [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Trump won the race with 56,897,955 popular votes and 276 electoral votes, compared with 55,877,015 popular votes and 218 electoral votes for Clinton.IN A STUNNING upset that proved the polls, the pundits and the data wrong, Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the Unite

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  • Nov 9, 2016
  • 1 India Fourth on Climate Risk According to German Report [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    After floods in February and March due to unseasonal rainfall, India suffered from one of the deadliest heat waves in world history killing more than 2,300 people in May, followed by a much weaker monsoon than normal.

    There were 4,317 fatalities in 2015 due to extreme weather even

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  • Nov 8, 2016
  • 1 पाक के खिलाफ भारत का सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक (शस्त्र-चिकित्सक हड़ताल) भाग-1 [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    प्रस्तावना:- करगिल युद्ध में मुंह की खाने के बाद उम्मीद थी कि पाकिस्तान सीमा पार से आतंक को बढ़ावा देना बंद करेगा। पर ऐसा हुआ नहीं। नवंबर 1999 के आम चुनाव में देश की अवाम ने अटल बिहारी वाजपेयाी को खूब सराहा। हालात स्थिर थे, माहौल शांत था। इसलिए जुलाई 2001 में वाजपेयी ने भी नफरत भु

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  • 2 भारत की सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक के बाद पाक व अन्य देशों की प्रतिक्रिया भाग-2 [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    बारामूला हमला:- सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक से बौखलाएं आतंकवादी और पाकिस्तानी सुरक्षाबल सेना के साथ अब गांवों में आम आबादी को भी निशाना बनाने लगे हैं। एलओसी से सटे जम्मू-कश्मीर के बारामूला में 2 अक्टूबर को रात 10.30 बजे 46 राष्ट्रीय रायफलस मुख्यालय पर दो तरफ से हमला हुआ। आतंकी हमला नाकाम हो

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