10% Disinvestment in Coal India Ltd Approves by CCEA (Download PDF)

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10 % of dispossession on Coal India Ltd (CIL) has approves by Cabinet of Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) . This decision was taken at CCEA meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi. In current time 79.65 % stake are holds by Union Government in CIL.

  • In CIL՚s history this is the 3rd Disinvestment and for current market capitalization it is expected to fetch approximately 21,000 crore rupees.
  • The Union Finance Ministry will decide the date, and price of stake sale and the disinvestment in CIL will be carried out through the offer for sale mechanism.
  • The CIL is part of Union Government՚s disinvestment drive for financial year 2015 - 16 with target of 69,500 crore rupees for the stake sale. The Union Government՚s Disinvestment was raised around 12,600 crore rupees in 2015 - 16.

About Coal India Ltd

  • CIL is located at Kolkata and West Bengal. And it is an Indian state - controlled coal mining company.
  • CIL Provides almost 81 % of coal production in India and with this it is the lidding coal Production Company in the world.
  • Union Governments has invested around 80 % of stake in CIL and also controls operation with Union Ministry of Coal.
  • Union Government was consult Maharatna status to CIL in April 2011. Maharatna status is valuable company in India it is at 5th position in terms of market value

- Published/Last Modified on: November 20, 2015

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