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12th April is being observed as the International Day of Human Space Flight to commemorate the date of the first human space flight in the history of mankind every year. In 1961 Yuri Gagarin, a Soviet Union (USSR) cosmonaut undertook first successful first human space flight on this day.

  • And this historic occasion had opened the way for space study for the benefit of all humanity.
  • This historic day is celebrated as Cosmonautics Day in Russia and some other former USSR countries.
  • This year 2016 is 55th anniversary of First Human Space Flight.


  • After UN General Assembly had passed its resolution A/RES/65/271 of 7 April 2011, United Nations (UN) had declared 12th of April as the International Day of Human Space Flight.
  • The main objective behind international celebration of this day is to memories each year at the international level the beginning of the space era for mankind.
  • It also aims to reaffirm the important role of space science and technology to reach justifiable development goals for growing the well-being of peoples and states, as well as confirming the realization of their objective to maintain external space for peaceful purposes.

About Yuri Gagarin

Image of Yuri Gagarin

Image of Yuri Gagarin

Russian SovieYuri Gagarin a first human to journey into outer spac

  • Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was born on 9th March 1934.
  • He was a Russian Soviet pilot and cosmonaut and the first human to journey into outer space, and his Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth on 12 April 1961.
  • Gagarin became well-known internationally and also awarded with many medals and titles such as:
  1. Hero of the Soviet Union
  2. Order of Lenin
  3. The nation’s highest honour.
  • He has also served as backup crew to the Soyuz 1 mission.
  • Later he became deputy training director of the Cosmonaut Training Centre outside Moscow, which was later named after him.
  • When the MiG-15 training jet he died in 1968, he was piloting crashed.

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