12 Bilateral Agreements Signed by India and Iran in Various Areas (Download PDF)

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12 Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) and Agreements in various areas has been signed by India and Iran including building and operating the Chabahar port by India. The other agreements consist of cooperation in science and technology, culture, library sciences, and cooperation between the EXIM banks of both the countries.

  • After the delegation level talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani these agreements were inked.

Some of signed Agreements are:

1. Bilateral contract on Chabahar Port for port development and operations:

  • IPGPL (India Ports Global Private Limited) and Arya Banader of Iran has signed it.
  • It imagines development and action of two stations and 5 berths with cargo handling (general and multipurpose) capacities for 10 years.

2. MoU between EXIM Bank and Iran՚s Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) :

  • It is proposed for drive of credit of USD 150 million for Chabahar port.

3. Confirmation Statement between EXIM Bank and Central Bank of Iran (CBI) :

  • It checks accessibility of credit up to 3000 crore rupees for the import of steel rails and application of Chabahar port.

4. MoU between IRCON and CDTIC:

  • It will permit IRCON to offer necessary services for the building of Chabahar-Zahedan railway line.
  • This line procedures part of transportation and shipping corridor in trilateral agreement between India, Iran and Afghanistan.

5. MoU on India-Iran Cultural Exchange Programme (CEP) :

  • It aims to spread the CEP for the period 2016 - 2019.
  • It shields areas of culture and art TV, radio, mass media and cinema.

6. MoU on Policy Dialogue between Governments and Interaction between Think Tanks:

  • It aims to create a Joint Secretary/Director General policy dialogue.
  • It also aims to inspire new institutional mechanisms between think tanks on both sides.

7. MoU between Foreign Service Institute, MEA and School of International Relations, Iran՚s MoFA:

  • It means to improve collaboration for exercise of diplomats and exchange of eminent speakers.

8. Implementation Protocol on Cooperation in the Fields of Science and Technology:

  • It deals with collaboration in pursuant to the 2003 MoU and shelters areas like exchange of experiences, seminars, conferences etc.

A joint statement mentioning that the Chabahar port is also issued by both the countries leaders which symbolize synergy between both the nations.

The port can help as a point of connectivity to dissimilar countries and economic relations between India and Iran can advance be extended through the project.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 24, 2016

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