12th November is observed as the Public Service Broadcasting Day [ ]


About Public Service Broadcasting Day: Public Service Broadcasting Day is celebrated in the memory of the first and only address by Mahatma Gandhi on All India Radio (AIR) on 12th November in 1947. The Father of the Nation had walked to the studios of Broadcasting House on 12th November in the year India gained its Independence to address refugees camping in Kurukshetra in Haryana because he could not personally visit them.

  • Words which he spoke on that day are played on 12th November every year as a mark of respect and an honor to Mahatma Gandhi.

About Public Broadcasting:

  • Public broadcasting includes radio, television and other electronic media channels whose main mission is public service.
  • The funding to these broadcasting is comes from the government but mostly via annual fees charged on receivers.
  • While in the United States, public broadcasters may receive some funding from both federal and state sources.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 23, 2015