18 Meter-Gauge Diesel-Electric Locomotives Has Ben Supply to Myanmar by India (Download PDF)

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18 metre-gauge 1350 HP Diesel Electric Locomotives will be supply by India to Myanmar in order to help the country bolster its railway transportation system. RITES (Public Sector Enterprise under Union Ministry of Railways) have signed a contract with Myanmar Railways regarding to this.

  • The supply contract is a dynamic project being funded under an existing line of credit (LOC) extended by India to Myanmar.
  • The Varanasi based Diesel Locomotive Works is the manufacturer of these locomotives.

They will have several modern features like:

  • Fuel-efficient engine
  • Microprocessor controls
  • Ergonomic cab design

With this Myanmar will meet increasing demand for passenger and freight traffic.

A RITE is also planning supplement its export of rolling stock manufactured at Railway Production Units especially in South East Asian markets.

About Diesel Locomotive Works:

  • The (DLW) is a production unit of Indian Railways that manufactures diesel-electric locomotives and its spare parts. Diesel Locomotive Works
  • It is the largest diesel-electric locomotive manufacturer in India.
  • Locally it is called as. D L W
  • It was founded in 1961 by Indian Railway.
  • it՚s headquarter is located at Varanasi.

- Published/Last Modified on: March 14, 2016

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