2016 Global Connectivity Index India Secure 44ThPosition

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India secured 44th position with total score of 30 between 50 different countries in the 2016 Global Connectivity Index (GCI) report presented by Chinese telecom giant Huawei. The GCI analyzes the full range of measurements for connectivity and provides a detailed map of the global digital economy.

  • The index standards 50 countries on the basis of its ICT organization including broadband, data centers, cloud services, big data and IoT in the scale ranging from 0 to 100.
  • These 50 countries has accounted for 90 percent of global GDP.

Key facts:

  • Top 10 countries in 2016 GCI:
  1. United States (score-74)
  2. Singapore (72)
  3. Sweden (70)
  4. Switzerland (68)
  5. United Kingdom (65)
  6. Denmark (64)
  7. South Korea (63)
  8. Netherlands (63)
  9. Japan (62)
  • BRICS Comparison:
  1. China ranked 23rd with 44 score
  2. Russia ranked 26th with 43 score
  3. Brazil ranked 30th with 39 score
  4. South Africa ranked 21st with 39 score
  5. India ranked 44th with 30 score
  • India՚s Neighbours:
  1. Pakistan ranked 50th with 21 score
  2. China ranked 23rd with 44 score
  3. Bangladesh ranked 49th with 23 score
  • India՚s related facts:
  • India with a GCI score of 30 ranks low 44.
  • But flagship initiatives of India such as ‘Digital India’ are driving growth and improved broadband diffusion.
  • Such creativity will countenance last-mile connectivity, linking for the first time many people and allows a whole new occasion for the telecom operators.

About Global Connectivity Index

  • The (GCI) indicates development and resultant value of Information and communications technology (ICT) . Global Connectivity Index
  • It actions speculation in ICT infrastructure and the strength of its use to exemplify how nations and industries get profit from the consequential value - a valuable reference for future investment.
  • This is the industry՚s first quantifiable valuation of connectivity in different countries and industries.
  • The GCI will also specify more importantly, serve as a reference for industry policymakers and enterprise decision-makers with ICT investment and development in various countries and industries.

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