2016 Global Teacher Prize Has Been Won by the Palestinian Hanan Al Hroub (Download PDF)

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The prestigious one million dollar 2016 Global Teacher Prize has been awarded to the Palestinian teacher Hanan Al Hroub from a refugee camp. She was honored with the award at a ceremony held in Dubai for her outstanding contribution to the profession. She has beaten other nine including India՚s Robin Chaurasiya, who runs a not-for-profit school in Mumbai for girls from the city՚s red light district of Kamatipura.

About Hanan Al Hroub

  • She is serving as teacher at the Samiha Khalil High School in Al-Bireh, Palestine.
  • To overcome tense environments of the region under the shadow of the Israel-Palestine conflict she uses a specialist approach in her school.
  • And her approach has helped a lot to decline violent behaviour in schools where it was a frequent occurrence.
  • She has described all this in detail in her book ‘We Play and Learn’ .
  • Her colleagues are also inspired from her to review the way they teach and their classroom management strategies.

About Global Teacher Prize

  • The Global Teacher Prize was founded in 2014 by Sunny Varkey, Kerala-born entrepreneur and educational philanthropist.
  • Every year it identifies one excellent teacher who has made an outstanding involvement to the profession.
  • It is also based on significant role played by teachers in the society.

- Published/Last Modified on: March 15, 2016

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