2016 Rio Olympics qualified Indian women’s hockey team


About Indian women hockey team: This team is also named as golden girls of hockey after their 2004 victory. This team represents India in international level hockey championship. Currently Canada’s Mathias Ahrens is the coach.

  • This team’s main lead is Ritu Rani who is from Haryana.
  • This team is currently ranked 13th in the International Hockey Federation (FIH) Worldwide.

About its achievements:

  • In common wealth games this team has won one gold and one silver medal and ranked second.
  • In Asian Games this team has won one gold, one silver and three bronze medals and ranked third.
  • In Hockey Asia Cup this team has won one gold, two silver and two bronze medals and ranked fourth.
  • In Hockey Champions Challenge this team has won one bronze medal.
  • In Asian Hockey Champions Trophy this team has won one silver and one bronze medal and ranked third.
  • In Afro - Asian Games this team has won one gold medal.

About the qualification of team in 2016 Rio Olympics:

  • This team has been qualified in 2016 Rio Olympics and will be joining nine other teams.
  • This was declared by International Hockey Federation.
  • The Indian Women’s Hockey team has been qualified after a long gap as they were represented last in 1980 Moscow Olympics where they stood 4th.
  • The other teams qualified include China, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand, US, South Korea, Argentina.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 22, 2015